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  1. this makes me happy too but he doesn't have acne, really..
  2. me too. I'm trying to break the habit, though. Whenever i find myself doing that dialogue in my head ("look at her hair! My hair is so gross..") I try to distract myself with something else. Try to surround yourself with nice, funny people that will keep you laughing, and keep your mind off other's looks.
  3. I feel like i do everything right, yet I still have acne. Its so frustrating. I wash twice a day with a mild cleanser for sensitive skin. I moisturize. I exfloiate. I eat a healthy, vegetarian diet rich in fruits and veggies. I drink so much water--you can't even imagine!! I change my pillocases. I also exercise A TON!!--mostly swimming. And I've worked very hard to lower my stress levels. Yet i still break out all over my face, all the time. Doesn't it hurt, when you see the gaze of the perso
  4. All the time!! I constantly look at other's skin and even find myself feeling a little happy when i see they have a particularly bad zit (its horrible. I know.) I have moderate acne and whenever i see someone with perfect skin, i feel so jealous and i can't help but stare!!!
  5. haha thanks guys. yeah...now that i think about it...that is a little bit hilarious If that girl ever says anyting like that again, I'll make sure to let her know how hurtful it is!! Definitely feeling better about myself today. Sometimes the best remedy is a good night's sleep.
  6. So yesterday at school I was sitting there right before class was ebout to begin. the girl in front of me was stressing out about some test, she was moaning about how all this studying was going to make her break out. she turned to my lab partner and asked for his advice, and he just said "Oh..acne. Just wash your face. Thats it!" then she turned to me and said, "hey what about you, you're kind of an expert on this!" DO PEOPLE NOT THINK BEFORE THEY TALK?!?! I came home all depressed, to
  7. I never look in mirrors. Its become so bad that the only time i will EVER look is when i take my contacts out and stand 6 feet from the mirror. My friends think I'm so weird because i always avery my eyes from the mirror when I'm in the school restroom.
  8. I don't like haircuts because when i look in the book to find a style i like, it looks so pretty. But when i actually get the cut, it ends up looking horrible on me, nothing like what it looked like in the picture. Plus, when i look in the mirror, it seems like i can only see my acne. No matter how many hairstyles i try, it always seems to look the same on me!! I'm thinkin of getting a pixie cut, just o have something totally different!
  9. "I know just the thing for your acne! I had this really bad pimple one time, and it cleared it right up!" --this said by a girl who probably has had a total of hmm..lets see... ONE pimple in her life. another variation:"Have you tried proactive?" why do people always think they know better than you?
  10. emma465

    Shrinks acne without drying at all, improves overall complexion kind of expensive this product is absolutely amazing. I had used benzoyl peroxide and salyclic acid, but they just weren't working. This oil mixture shrunk my pimples without causing them to dry up like bp does. It moisturizes my skin too, and i noticed an improvement in my overall complexion. My skin just feels so much better, and it looks it, too! I use it with purpose bar soap and that seems to be the perfect combination for
  11. emma465

    zilch. well, maybe the awesome orange color. dried out my skin, made my acne worse. I tried using it, and it first made my acne worse. I decided to give it about a month and a half, because that's when products usually start to really work for me. But this product continued to wreck my skin. It made it flaky, itchy, and dry, even though i have pretty oily skin. My acne even continued to be worse than before.
  12. just make sure you wrap a dish towel around the ice so you don't make your skin too cold.
  13. emma465

    Oily Face

    try fruit of the earth aloe vera with naturals. all the wonderfulness of aloe, with natural moisturizers.
  14. Before you read, just keep in mind that i'm a competitive swimmer, so my skin is very dry after i practice. i had suffered from moderate acne for years-whiteheads all across my forehead and cheeks, and the occasional cyst on my chin or cheekbones. I was fed up with my skin feeling disgusting because of bp and salyclic acid products, so i just stopped. I started rinsing my face with water before school in the morning, then rinsing it again after school. after swim practice that afternoon, i woul
  15. ok i'll try it. thanks a bunch!!!