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  1. Hi i have recently been put onto topical antibiotics by my gp, it really dries my skin out, and i was wondering if the oil cleansing method would be ok to use with it? i dont want to cancel out the effects of the medication by putting oil on my face. anyone have any ideas??
  2. Hi I am fairly new to here, though i have been looking at this site for quite a long time, its really helped me out. Anyway just thought id share somethig that i have found out recently and absolutely love it! little bit of background; i have had acne since i was 14, am now 22 and it got to a stage where i wouldnt go out with my friends and was reluctant to leave the house. my mum got me to go the the gp who perscribed me topical antibiotics. i was on them about 2 weeks and they seemed to be wor