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  1. Hey I'm not sure if you are male or female. But I am a 19 y/o female. I have really persistent acne on my chin. I've been doing alot of research and found that it is most commonly caused by hormones. Have you tried birth control, although it can take up to 3 months for you to tell if it is working. Just a thought.
  2. How old r u now include your birth date- 19/ 5/31/85 How old were u when u started to get acne- around 15 when it got bad Wat r u doin or usin for your acne-morning:Rxsystems glycolic 10% cleanser/ on the spot BP/and RxSystems glycolic 5% lotion night:Neutrogena Oil free/on the spot BP/ neutrogena oil free lotion How bad is u're acne at dis moment-it is covering both sides of my chin from the corners of my mouth to the jawline.small red bumps and whiteheads. that is it R u male or Female-Fem
  3. you said you can't lay down for thirty minutes? why is that? will it make you sick or something? please elaborate.
  4. yes will someone please answer these questions, I am about to start taking this, and would like some more input b.c there is not very many posts about it.
  5. Hey guys, just some backgrounf info: I have moderate acne all over my chin and around my mouth. It's not cystic, just red bumps and whitheads but sometimes painful. I work at a Dr's office so it is pretty embarassing. After trying B5 and bp, I finally decided to go to the derm. yesterday. Here's what he gave me: Adoxa 100mg once a day bp wash Zoderm 4.5% antibiotic lotion for day Differin gel for night and some lotion for KP on my arms This just sounds like an awful lot. Has anyone tried ADOXA
  6. I have been on the pill (Mircette and Ortho Tri Lo) for 2years and all I have are spots on my chin! How is that? I'm thinking about goig off the pill to STOP the spots on my chin.