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  1. i have moderate rolling scars, box scars, and would like to have smoothbeam done on me. are there any risks in it, as in permanent damage to the skin? my cheeks have been a little red for 1 or 2 years, possibly because of all the medication i applied on in the past plus 6months of accutane. may i know if smoothbeam can tone down the redness? how much improvement can i expect? any success stories out there? thanks!
  2. im from singapore, and i would like to know where to get tca cross done, and is retin A useful for fading the redness in scars? where to get retin a? any specific brands or concentration and stuff like that? thanks
  3. as above, i had these scars 2 years ago, until now its still red, although it wasnt bloody red as it was when the scars were induced, but its still red, how can i lighten it? really troubled by this, would appreciate any advice my scars are indented scars by the way
  4. im in my 5th month of accutane and im on 40mg everyday, my cheeks is really gettin very very dry and even the moisturizer isnt helping, its flaking real bad and the moisturizer i apply on kinda combines with the flaky skin and forms a white coat instead of being absorbed by the skin. its pretty stuck onto my skin and i have to use my nails to run thru my skin to get that coat of moisturizer+dead skin off my skin. the problem is the white coat is pretty hard to remove and i have to go off accutan
  5. http://www.organiconline.com.sg/rosehip_oil.htm anyone used this b4, any comments?
  6. its been near a year since the scars were there but the redness still doesnt fade, will it ever fade to normal skin colour?