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  1. esmeraldat

    lightweight, does not cause breakouts, SPF protection, oil-free light to med coverage (not enough), not buildable despite what product promises A decent foundation if you don't need medium to full coverage. My skin has drastically improved recently, so I don't need a full coverage foundation, but at first, this makeup was not sufficient for my needs. Even with a concealer brush, it won't cover the red or brown spots. I used to use the Prescriptives brand mineral foundation powder before the l
  2. esmeraldat

    clear skin, less oily skin, improves mood and overall wellbeing None I had a blood test recently to screen for an overproduction of testosterone in my body, which might help explain my acne. All levels came back normal EXCEPT for a deficiency in Vitamin D. My doctor prescribed a weekly dose of 50,000i of Vitamin D. It has done wonders, not only for my acne, but for my overall wellbeing. Depression and fatigue are symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency. Since I've been taking this prescription (
  3. esmeraldat

    stopped major breakouts, reduced sebrum production (oil), regulated cycle, controlled hormonal acne melasma, terrible acne and oily skin after coming off the Pill, fears of long-term severe side effects I used the Pill for 10 years. It really helped my adult acne at first - especially the hormonal variety that springs up two weeks before my period. After a while though, I'd say about 5 years, my body grew used to it. I even developed melasma (darkening of the skin) above my upper lip and on m
  4. esmeraldat


    Elicina worked for me...and fast too! It gets rid of redness and smoothes out old scars. You can buy Elicina on Ebay. Why not give it a try?
  5. esmeraldat

    Esmeraldat's personal log

    Morning Panoxyl 10% foaming face wash Elicina Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer (in dry, flaky areas only) Neutrogena Age Defense sunblock, spf 70 Persa Gel 10% Evening Panoxyl 10% foaming face wash Avalon Organics Vitamin C Facial Cream (oil-free) Persa Gel 10% 1X per week Raw tomato paste/juice mask (1 hour) Diet -- I eat fish 2-3X per week -- I drink 3 cups of green tea a day I'm clear - this regimen really works!
  6. esmeraldat

    dries out acne, shrinks pores (temporarily), good for emergency treatment, lasts a long time difficult to mix, fragrance As masks go, this is a pretty decent one to dry up existing acne and temporarily shrink pores. I find that for a day after using this mask, my skin is less oily too. My only real complaint is that when it comes to mixing the powder with water (or tomato juice - best!), there are no directions - it's pretty much trial and error to get the best consistency.
  7. esmeraldat

    antioxidants, not overly expensive oily, clogs pores, causes breakouts (not just purging), never dries on skin This product claims to be natural and very good for the skin. It is said to have powerful antioxidants to draw out impurities, etc., but if you look at the ingredients, it's chock-full of oils. I called the company who advised I need to first "shake" the tube to distribute the oils properly. This is nowhere on the labeling. Needless to say, even after shaking the tube, this product
  8. esmeraldat

    keeps acne under control, overall healthy for body green tea still contains caffeine, "grassy" taste of some green teas I've been drinking a variety of green and white teas for years. It's part of my daily routine now, to drink 2-3 10oz glasses a day. I remember when I first started, after about a month or so, the effects were dramatic - green tea seemed to purify my skin and it really showed. Now, I get the occasional pimple, but I know my acne would be a LOT worse if I didn't drink green da
  9. esmeraldat

    Suppresses pimple formation (50% of time), comfortable heat expensive, doesn't always work, no good on whiteheads, constant need for charging This product works best if you catch the impending pimple in its infancy, otherwise it's a 50/50 shot it will work at all. If you have a lot of pimples, it can be very time consuming to zap each one, as it takes 4 minutes per pimple. I have to say that overall, Zeno has prevented what would have otherwise been HUGE embarrassing pimples - that is, when I
  10. esmeraldat

    benzoyl peroxide, works fast to clear breakouts, prevents breakouts, nice consistency, not too drying, no strong fragrance, inexpensive can't think of any Best benzoyl peroxide treatment on the market. When I get a big pimple, I use this product to zap it fast. Under sunscreen, it also works to prevent pimples from forming in the "danger zones." I've used this product loyally for 5+ years...will never switch to another brand.
  11. esmeraldat

    reduces redness, fades scarring, clears breakouts, prevents breakouts, absorbs quickly into skin, a little goes a long way need to purchase on-line (Ebay is cheapest) This is my favorite product of all time! I use it on my face, my back, my chest. Under an oil-free moisturizer, this product truly works wonders on my skin. I just suffered a MAJOR breakout thanks to Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Tone Correcting Serum (see my post under this product). Elicina to the rescue! My massive breakout
    oil free, absorbs quickly into skin, diminshes dark spots and acne scarring strong fragrance, makes skin feel hot, ALLERGY ALERT WARNING! If you are sensitive to Retinol or Retinol SA, take extreme caution when using this product. I bought it to clear up the spots my acne left behind. It worked wonderfully for one week, then one morning, I awoke to a face chock-full of red, itchy, rash-like pimples all over my face! I had to get prescription-strength Benadryl to calm the inflammation. I hav
  12. esmeraldat

    diminshes dark spots for the first couple of days beware of allergic reaction, strong fragrance I was allergic to this product. It worked well for the first few days, then BAM - red hives ALL over my face. This will take a lot of time to clear up, and in the meantime, Benadryl and lots of embarrassment as this looks more like severe acne than anything else.
  13. esmeraldat

    Salicylic acid treatment Fragrance too strong, new formula doesn't always mean better Didn't really work for me. The Clear Pore Formula (its predecessor) seems to dry up my acne better and prevent new pimples from forming.
  14. esmeraldat

    Lathers well, washes away clean, oil-free, inexpensive, easily found Fragrance, doesn't travel well, didn't work for me If your acne responds well to salicylic acid, this product may work for you. It didn't work for me- I need benzoyl peroxide