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  1. not intended for acne... UT infections and a oral one.. since starting them i have raised sking colored bumps on both sides of my nose... what gives... are these pimples . what is it? anyone experience anything similiar to this??
  2. i STONGLY believe that tanning positvely affected my acne. for the past 2 months or so i have been fake and baking about 2-3 times a week. at first it was just used to get a bit darker as i am incredibly pastey in the winter.. but within 2-3 weeks i noticed a HUGE improvement of my skin... not only were my old scars no longer noticable but also the number of new breakouts i was getting was next to none... however in the past week i got a severe infection and have been put on antibiotics and my
  3. if sunlight helps acne. this may be why my skin was so clear while i was tanning? maybe?..
  4. thanks for the replies. i have never in my life taken birth control before. I've got a few prescriptions written up for them by doctors, (yaz, aviane 28 and yasmin) and now diane... or cyEstra but I have never been brave enough to actually take any of them. in fear that they would make me break out like crazy. lately my acne has been fairly under control, but im still on that quest for "perfect" clear skin and i would just like to avoid it at any cost. I'm sick of one month being pretty cl
  5. does anyone know if cyestra 35 is the same as diane 35? i asked my docotr for diane 35 but gota perscription for cyestra 35 instead. any reviews would be much appreciated. thanks.
  6. luckily i dont have to go out until thursday which is when i start work again so im hoping the damage will be a whole hell of alot less. its just really depressing to know i do this to myself. like its not even that bad until i pick. then it just looks ugly. i was brave and went out today .. to the doctors and turns out i have a oral infection which is causing the redness and dryness. its a ugly mess... but whatever. im going to have to face the world sooner then later. i also got some zi
  7. so eating probiotic yogurt isn't beneficial to my acne then?! =(
  8. i feel like this as well. i refuse to go out of my house if i feel i look disgusting. going through a period of this right now... havent left my place in 2 days. its so depressing . and i just lie to my friends and make excuses not to go out.
  9. I dont come on this site much anymore but this post really got to me. i have mild acne, but its really strange the kind i get. and lately I have been tanning... yes fake and bake and have had no real breakouts. maybe a pimple here and there but nothing to make a big deal about. but a few days ago i founf a few pumps starting to appear above my lip and i started picking at them like crazy and kept layering various acne creams on them because in my mind it would make them go away that much fa
  10. i do the exact same thing! except i take it a step further.... i analyze people's skin wherever i am lol. ... especially at work!!! its so horrible but its a habit i cant break... im always comparing my skin to other people's. grr.
  11. hey everyone... so this topic has probably been covered before but i can't seem to find it anywhere on the boards.... lately i've been getting alot of really tiny bumps and never turn into anything really but still bug the crap outta me on my upper lip.... is this considered hormonal acne.????.. ive never really broken out there before so its sorta strange. i've also been eating extremely healthly lately and drinking tons of water....
  12. i agree with you 100 percent!!!! i have very mild acne however what i do have im very self concious about.... an i eat extremely healthy... maybe too healthly if thats possible? lol like i actually eat cucumbers and asparagus as main meals.. lol sad i know but i never gain weight. im 100 pounds and im nearly 5"6. but i'd rather put on a few pounds then have a few pimples.
  13. this is what i want to know as well! i have very mild acne however i have some red marks from previous acne/picking.... im about to start yaz as soon as i get my next period. while im excited to start... im also a bit scared that my skin will get worse.
  14. hey so i made a MESS outta my skin.... by picking at it of course.... i still have these 2 really red marks/ pimples ( i can still feel they are lumpy) that are really embarassing... does anyone have any advice as to what i should or shouldnt put on it and about how long can i expect these nasty red marks to be around for? please any advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks. =)