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  1. Hello, Hmmm, been a moderately long journey of religiously applying the regimen for over 1.5 years. To tell you the truth, The regimen was the best Anti-acne thing I ever did and it worked marvelously for this period, though sometimes I had the occasional pimple. I only used DKR products, which are of great value (except for the shipping part) and the quality is totally unquestionable. Till one sad, sad day, I decided to purchase 2 of the new Moisturizer 16oz. This was in late September I gues
  2. Same problem here, I dont have a name for them either and BP dries up the surface only, but I am not sure if BP is far reaching deeper.. I wish to find a solution for these, or even just a name!
  3. You should use AHA+ maximum once a day, night is better than day, and most people use it once every other night. multiple times a day is way too much.
  4. You're on the countdown to dryness, its just a matter of days till u get stricken by it.
  5. Now, its not only stinging, no, it acts like teargas and my eyes starts getting super irritated and tears fall!
  6. The new moisturizer just plainly dried out my face to its last drop of hydration. I am trying out CeraVe moisturizing lotion now.
  7. I havent tried the AM or PM lotions, what I use is the normal CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion.
  8. I am on Week 1 trying out the CeraVe lotion and I am loving it. I used the original Moisturizer by Dan here for over a year and it was great, no flakes, nothing, only thing I didnt like about it is the "Staying on top of the skin ALWAYS, never soaks in feeling", then came the new hyped about moisturizer with licochalcone, it totally ruined my face, and I mean totally. used over 8 pumps throughout the day (old pumps, not the new ones) and my whole face became like wood-dry. I found out that thoug
  9. I would recommend using only 2 pumps of BP at night and on the morning cleanse and moisturize with alot of misturizer and Jojoba oil.
  10. I got my CeraVe Moisturizing lotion, started using it and it is great. I was thinking about using Cetaphil but opted out cause I read it makes you shiny and has a thick texture which I hated about Dan's old moisturizer. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is VERY light and VERY moisturizing and not shiny at all, I totally recommend it!
  11. Hi guys, Do you think this will help in research as finding out more about acne and how and why it is formed from the first place? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/...10219160003.htm
  12. Hi guys, I have been using only DKR products for over a year now and I was very happy until the arrival of the "ineffective" new moisturizer (at least for me, I am using over 7 pumps from the old pump a day), I have been saying that all over the place and supporting other members who were facing the same issue, till Dan came out and finally announced in a blog post that there are no plans of reviving the old, missed moisturizer. Now, I am switching moisturizers. The ones I see people recommend
  13. Same question was on my head today as I somehow got these parts to be very dry, maybe from washing with the cleanser the cleanser, bp leftovers for sure would touch these areas as water flow on my face. when I use Jojoba there it is pretty effective BUT keeps my eyes kinda teary!