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  1. only way to fight acne other than products is internally change yer diet keep stress low drink lots of water rest well exercise i recommend probiotics as well. get those bowels moving.
  2. hey vanity... notice how i made the worthless comments before any advice was actually given? u leave =P
  3. if you miss an app, i wouldnt recommend trying to make up for it but doing it and then doing it again only several hours later. try to keep apps at least 10 hours apart. i you miss one here and there, it shouldnt cause a horrendous breakout or anything. should be fine.
  4. Ryan, it did work. It worked excellent at not giving me zits. It also did an excellent job of tearing up my face lol
  5. Kino, thanks. I appreciate your kind words. I am happy to hear you are starting a holistic regimen with probiotics and supplements, as well as exercise. I am doing the exact same. Altho I have been breaking out a tiny bit, I haven't done the holistic regimen for long. However, I feel so much better being healthy and not putting tons of products on my face. My skin does seem to be going back to normal slowly. I did use those products wayyyy too much, after all. Best of luck with your probiotics
  6. god this forum and the people on it are so worthless
  7. and by worse I mean exactly what I wrote.... "My skin has kind of an orange peel like texture at this point. It looks awful in bright lighting. It seems to have aged pre-maturely, and looks wrinkly. I get little elevated patches of skin at random. It goes from nice and pale to red and damaged looking in the blink of an eye. My pores are huge. It always looks shiny despite the fact that I do NOTHING to it anymore. It feels hypersensitive to most product as well as cold weather etc."
  8. I was using AHA and BHA. I only used the AHA like once every few days. I overused it a few times, I admit, however I did not think the over exfoliation would have such lasting effects. I can't exfoliate AT ALL anymore. If I even use my fingers very gently it makes my skin worse in terms of how it looks and feels.
  9. Also sounds like this person: http://www.essentialdayspa.com/forum/viewt...mp;&start=0
  10. I started the regimen about a year ago. I had what the dermatologist believed to be a staph infection. It definitely cleared up my zits. However, were the results worth it? For me, personally, it has destroyed me. A year later, and I have not used the regimen in about a month. To be honest, my acne was never that bad, however bad enough that I felt like I wanted to use the regimen. I have struggled for the entire year, and there is absolutely zero sign of relief in sight. Constantly battling
  11. I have been on the regimen for over a year now. As of lately I have had major problems. I feel like i over-exfoliated pretty severely. I have been using NOTHING on my face for about 20 days now because my skin has become far too sensitive for just about anything. It only ever feels okay if I put absolutely nothing on it. My skin will look more pale, calm, and relaxed throughout the day and then out of nowhere flare up and look red and choppy and aweful and it burns. I feel like maybe I gave myse
  12. redness/tan color can also be dead skin build up
  13. wow thanks a lot people. as if NONE of u use AHA.
  14. Kat, BP + moisturizer + time does not = flawless skin. I did the regimen for 9 months and my skin is clear but looks like absolute crap. Managing dead skin build up and finding means of exfoliating has been nothing short of a nightmare for me. If you have flawless skin but precisely following the regimen or whatever, I consider it luck. Just cause it's PERFECT for DAN doesnt mean its great for everyone