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  1. for the first time there is a little redness and i can feel my skin getting tighter. i haven't been washing my face with anything other than water, which seems to be working just fine. i had a few new pimples on my face over the past few days but for the most part the major ones are already gone. i developed a few on my neck and there are some familiar tender spots on my back. i have been drinking loads of water and already used probably half a tube of chapstick. i am excited to see the full res
  2. xladysativa

    day one

    i set my alarm for ten am to take my very first dose of isotrentinoin. i have been so excited for the past few weeks that every time i saw a new blemish in the mirror i would laugh in my own face, telling myself it was one of the last i would have to deal with. i bought a little 2-a-day weekly pill organizer and took the liberty of emptying the first box the day before i planned to start it. i made sure to swallow my first pill with a tall glass of water and chase it with a granola bar, since i'
  3. hello! i am currently 19 years old and have suffered from moderate yet constant acne since i hit puberty around age nine. i never used any makeup other than around my eyes, and my acne never really took a toll on my self-esteem or kept me from going out with friends until this past year or so, when i began to feel like i was never going to grow up because of the condition of my skin. nothing ever kept my acne at bay. not any topical or oral treatments. this is why i decided to finally give accut