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  1. Hey you disappeared D: where's you? You're missed!! Keep in touch xx

  2. Hahahahaha oh god. I musta been a tid bit hyper hehe. I think the lyrics were just stuck in my head at the time=P. What did you choose? Laser treatments would be the better in my opinion, if you have mostly scars. But then again I'm not a dermatologist >.<

  3. Just thought I'd share. I recently come across this and reckon this is one of the most if not the most important quote for our lives. What are your thoughts/how to utilize on this? I know it may be hard for some of the individuals who are more prone to get depress. Because this assumes responsibilities back to ourselves. But this also is so simple and true and I urge everyone to rethink this phrase everytime they wake up in the morning. Cheers~
  4. Hey positivity girl! haha didnt know you could change your profile name here. Wish all the best again~

  5. beautiful day and whoever agreeing with beautiful day: like I said, it's mostly the severe red marks I m bothered with. maybe a bit of scarring later. I specifically said "on one could tell theyre just red mark/scars" I dont know what serious treatments you were referring to but I dont like your attitude, though you did answer my question. Peace.
  6. just an update I've gotten better now I cant be fucked to take a pic every day but colleagues and friends has told me my acne got much better/lighter now. Other than the pills I think my skin is more prone to natural healing itself it feels like it's about god damn time now. but I havent been taking opti-zinc I only took zincaps (zinc sulphate monohydrate) for like 3 days. and I never got my hands on emu oil either haha. Im still satisfied I'd say. since I couldnt find opti-zinc and emu oil in
  7. I dont know what makes you so sure and what may you suggest? like I said I might do PDL when all else fails.
  8. just chipping in Ive had red marks for 3 yrs+ along with acne and now Im happy to say its only red marks still abit pathetic anyway just saying for laser treatments on red marks be sure to check out pulsed dye lasers. from what I've read they should be the best choice on it.
  9. hey thanks guys and again esp. PANIC many good advices packed in your posts. well the other derm sucked. he said to get 4 months of accutane to clear my pimple. then move on to a machine call matrix RF. I have next to no pimples I only want to deal with the Inflammation and red marks. from the dozens of posts from REALSELF what I've gathered is that accutane aren't much of use battling my kind of acne - not the nodular type anymore and in any case it always makes the skin more sensitive resulti
  10. currently I've just started taking fish oil cap for 3 days now. just thinking if it'll be a good idea combining these 3 treatments together and wanted to be sure they dont conflict with each others. and of course I wanna know if any of you had similar case and treatments to a better result... I am asian, male at age 25. had severe acne now basically left with redness that still looks like acne... on one could tell theyre just red mark/scars Im thinking of doing pulsed eye laser. price is an iss
  11. False. I had red marks for 3 years. During Accutane they got worse and more visible, but after the skin thickened back they disappeared completely. I see... may I know were your acne severe to begin with? or did you just mostly had to deal with scars getting into accutane? Also how long did you took it for and how long after the course did your red marks disappeared? Thanks man..
  12. yes they are keloids. my derm injected steriods into them 4 or 5 times already... but other than the keloids my face is all flat and smooth... I'll go to a new derm tmr, gonna ask him whether I should go accutane or laser. I wanna know more before he attempts to upsell me...
  13. Funny thing my derm does push me into accutane The red mark alone still makes it looks like I have severe acne... You can see my photo on the Severe acne forum... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/goes-WTF-...ly-t268218.html Because I had 2 friends with moderate acne and severe red marks and accutane cleared all the red marks on them as well thats why I wanted to make sure. But basically ya, I dont wanna put accutane in my system unless if I have to and red marks are the only things thats been
  14. Since my face is completely flat now I only want to reduce my redness I dont normally have real bumpy pimples but the redness and scars make it look like I do. if you were to stand next to me looking at my face 10cm away I bet you wouldnt tell how non-bumpy I am so that's the case, I am thinking about re-taking accutane but do you think it'll benefit me at all? I do have keloid scars and just a few bumps that dont really bother me much considerably.. to how RED I am Thanks for any advice guys.
  15. I know. I cant take any supplements either and just thinking of the word pea protein juice gives me bowel disease and you 2 are crazy. hardgainers suck its actually use to describe someone who couldnt put on weight despite how much they eat. well of course you can gain weight if you choose carefully what to eat it just sucks being an acne freak and hardgainer at the same time.... btw, http://www.scrawnytobrawny.com/ this is the best book I found on the topic, I bought it too but theres nothing