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  1. that's an antibiotic, correct? i could see my regular doctor about that probably. what is it and where can i find it. lol. i'll try it! i desperatly wanted to but i have crohn's disease (it's an inflamatory bowel disease) and fibromyalgia so that's not an option for me.
  2. oh me too!!! mine looks like i have 8 million dirt frekles! if anyone responds, please let me know drew. i'd greatly appreciate it. my nose has been like this for 12 yrs or so.
  3. http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/in...3601878.3704838 it was like that but a little different. it came with a peel or whatever that was in those little round disk tub things. i'll look thru my stuff tomorrow to see it i still have any of it.
  4. when i was about 18 or 19 my skin was a little like yours, tho it wasn't in such a great area. it may have been around 20% BUT it was the same look. i got a kit from bath and body works. it was the wexler? i think? it had mini things of they 2 piece glyco peel, an anti-acne/anti-aging cream, and i think a cleanser. i noticed a pretty good difference. it didn't help so much with the cysts (mine like to just bother me) but it did help with the redness and pusstules. check it out. it might
  5. i have a few and most are actually drugstore (i am fair and combo, my mom is oily; and medium so it may be a good medium for you...) the revlon color stay works really well. they have it in normal/dry and combo/oily. it doesn't break me or my mother out (and my mother's skin is really really bad and sensitive) and has pretty good staying power on her oily skin. the covergirl that was with the blue lid... i think it's clean oil free, fragrance free... my mom and i both used that for a while
  6. ok, lol, then adults with acne I've changed the thread title. nothing i've tried as a teen helped tho either. i'm just looking to see how those who are adults (i.e. adults out in the real world) deal with it while they're trying to heal it up. and how they manage being out in the real world while having acne hinder their life on a daily basis. for me, it's almost like people don't take me as seriously as they did when i had a month or so of pretty controled skin. how do you all keep up go
  7. I'm 22 and have had acne for over half my life. Nothing I've used has helped (clean &clear, stridex, oxy, neutrogena, panoxyl, aveno, cetaphil, proactiv, retin-a, differin gel, proactiv, and purpose--tho it's probably been the best so far) and just got the clarisonic and don't know how that's going to work out (i have a post in the general products part of "other acne related forums"). It's hard b/c i'm so tiny I already look little and when you add bad skin, I look really little. What ha
  8. So I've been using my clarisonic pro for 7 days and just today, I've realized my skin has gotten a little worse. It wasn't awful before (some regular pimples and cystic acne on jawline and chin, blackheads on nose, and white heads on forehead) but today there are 2 somewhat large nodules on my forhead and a new large cystic bump on my chin. *I use it on speed 2 which is "normal" using the sensitive brush for about 2 mins *Cetaphil gentle cleanser (which actually doesn't make my face feel clean