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  1. I explored this at one time. I took Sam-e instead of methionine. Unfortunately, my acne or my 'brain fog' did not improve.
  2. that's an interesting concept, Zimababwe, I've never heard of that.
  3. I just shat out a turtle, anyone know of a turtle cleanse?
  4. I just eat relatively low carb and I love the food. I take a multi, fish oil, and drink lots of water and tea. It's more than just an aid for my acne, it's a lifestyle change. I'm much slimmer and I have less acne. People sensationalize food, but what is it other than sustenance. Food is food, but if you eat the wrong thing be prepared to suffer the consequences. Honestly, I'm just biding my time until a real aid for acne is developed within the next 10 years.
  5. Take the accutane, it's very effective (been on it twice)
  6. First off, 'tantamount' is an adjective not a verb. Second, that statement is completely exaggerated. Economic suicide? For who? Clean & Clear? Yeah, I bet if they fall, America falls, then the government would have to bail them out, too. There's more people researching this stuff than Neutrogena and Clearasil. Next you're going to tell there's a pill you can shove up your butt that will sustain you, nutritionally, for a year, but the developer was bought out by the food industry. Oh
  7. Haven't looked into the research side of acne for about a year, so I don't know the most up to date stuff. But it seems like some of the scientists and doctors are getting their heads out of their asses and realizing there's a link between diet and acne and it's not a bacterial disease. I've not seen any gene profiling data, though. Yes, there have been great advances with some disease, but we're just not there yet with acne.
  8. As a molecular biologist, I whole-heartedly disagree with you.
  9. I've heard my sister and other women rave how great Clinique is. Don't say nothing, but I use it from time to time, too.
  10. Modern science doesn't know yet, but we will.
  11. Easier said than done, but yes I agree that there's a psychosomatic aspect to acne. In the future, we will cure acne with the help of a psychologist.
  12. I just got back from 2 weeks in NC, 1 in the outer banks and 1 in Raleigh, and my face completely healed up, so I agree that sun exposure is important. I do a lot of those things you mention (i.e. fiber supplements and multivitamin) but they don't seem to do anything for my acne. Not using anything on my face, water, good sleep, and rinsing my face off 3 times a day have work wonders for me, though.
  13. Was in the Outer Banks for a week and my acne 100% cleared up. Now that I'm home, small pimples are cropping up. Definitely a correlation.