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  1. Some photos are just raw, some i have make-up on... and a couple are more than likely photoshopped - it truly is a god send! But I'm not going to lie - I'll say if they are.
  2. The_A_Word

    October 2009

    From the album: My skin at different levels of blerg-ness.

    I was looking through my photos from Fiji and came across this one. I'd just taken off my make-up and changed into my pjs and my friends decided to start taking photos. Anyway, I'm putting it up 'cause it's a quite a clear pic of my acne in all its glory.
  3. So I was at work today, not wearing make-up, which is part of the plan, and someone I work with commented that my skin looks a lot clearer, especially on my cheeks! I've never felt so confident without make-up before! Such an encouragement And the best part? I'm pre-menstrual. So my acne is comparatively worse than it has been the last couple of weeks. But that being said, I can really see the improvement from how my skin usually is at this time of the month. Yes, my forehead is oilier, the p