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  1. your skin looks great even before the fraxel!!! i cant see any scars at all
  2. hey annie, Your skin looks great! keep up the good work!! dino
  3. I see some improvementst too! good job!
  4. A link to its main site here. "Portrait®PSR3 from Rhytec is the first clinically proven technology delivering true skin regeneration." My first thought is "YEAH RIGHT!" More snake-oils for us! A few of the posters here have already tried it. Just thought that it would be easier if we could just put it all into a new thread. So, DOES IT WORK????
  5. This image is from here. So far this is the best before after pics on fraxel i have seen. good high quality pics are very difficult to find! and the result, well it looks amazing to me. this site claims the after pics are 2 months after 5 fraxel treament. pores definitely seems smaller. wrinkles seems so much smoother. and the very shallow scars that can be seen in the before pics seems to me to have disappear! lighting? make up? doctored pics? possible eh. guess we will never know unless the
  6. Thanks Keith - I like your attitude. !! Oh and yeah I loved this SNL cartoon and just couldn't help but relate to it. I definitely got "Smurfed up" As for high levels - go for what feels right. But as a heads up - from what I've read, I don't think the higher levels guarantee better results. I believe it all depends on what you are looking for. Surface changes or something deeper. Your doctor will advise you as to what they think is best for you. I said I wanted to see some changes and was
  7. more doctors using fraxel around this region of the world! according to the fraxel website, one doctor in Malaysia and another in Indonesia does fraxel. at least now we got a choice eh
  8. your skin looks fantastic in this picture. cant see any pigmentation differences
  9. Lots of videos about fraxel here
  10. use macro mode if u have one, its for really close up pics. overhead lighting is best me thinks.
  11. hows everyone doing?? any updates on your improvements/non-improvements? do you guys think i should give them my money and go ahead with this treatment? i really HATE to do this if its only gonna make 'them' richer and my skin worse or the same! anyone else having fraxel treatment at this sloane clinic? To holelyface, hi! what do you mean by 'solving it'? and how do you know they are 'really good ones'? cheeers!
  12. where did you see kooky's pictures? i saw it on this board, before he took it down...
  13. hello, the sloane clinic in singapore seems to be the only one to be offering this treatment here. they have a package that includes LED Red Photomodulation therapy and LED plus Photomodulation therapy and collagen whitening facial wraps all for $5400! has anyone opted not to receive all this LED stuff? that is, has anyone just receive fraxel treatment only without being pressured into anything extras? it sux when theres only one clinic in singapore who offers this treatment and they practicall
  14. seems like everyone is doing this treatment at very high levels. so far, only seen meetpetes photos after one treatment. and he did it at 30mj! how does everyone who did it at high level feels about their improvement level so far? i would rate anything above 15mj as high. from kooky's photos, it looks as if he just had co2 laser! defefintely some downtime at high levels. did those people who went through this treatment at lower levels see any improvement? and what happen to everyone who promised