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  1. Hi Nearly Defeated - don't feel defeated! There is hope. I have been through what you are going through and it is awful but there are solutions. I took a dose of Roaccutane after much agonising and I am very glad I did it. It is worth considering the following things first. What are you putting on your face at present? It is amazing how many clogging ingredients there are in supposedly non-comodogenic products. I use a website called Cosdna - you can cut and paste entire ingredients l
  2. Are you from the UK? I don't think it costs your GP anything to refer you to an NHS derm - you should definitely push them to do so. If they won't then you could register with another GP - are there other ones in your area that you could go to? With acne you have to battle it out until you find the right type/combination of treatment that works for you. Give everything that is prescribed to you a really good chance to work - at least 8 weeks. Don't skip around from one product to another
  3. I went through a similar experience as you on Differin and Tetralysal. I didn't have any of the nasty side-effects from the antibiotics, but basically they just didn't work. I finished my course of Roaccutane in February. It is very effective. I had a minor break-out when I came off it, but so far things are SO much better than they were pre-Roaccutane. It sounds like you have a fairly sensitive constitution so it might be better to discuss taking a lower dose for a longer period of time
  4. I had mine threaded all through my Roaccutane course. I asked the therapist to do it really gently and it was fine. Waxing is not a good idea and I wouldn't put any harsh chemicals on your skin. I would say either use a pair of tweezers and do it yourself or get it threaded.
  5. HI - have a look at the Avene range of products - they do a range of skincare with retinaldehyde in, which is comparable to prescription retinoids. They do a product called Triacneal (I think this has replaced the Diacneal mentioned above) - it contains their highest level of retinaldehyde and 6% glycolic acid. They also do a product called Cleanance K which has AHA and BHA in. They also do another product called Retrinal I think, which comes in different strengths. I'm not sure if BP is suit
  6. Hi Momiji_girl thanks for your perspective! I have decided to use the Differin. I am from the UK and we have the NHS here so you tend to get what you're given unless you decide to go private. I suggested Retin-A to my derm - because I could see myself using it long-term, but he refused to prescribe it because it's so irritating. This seems ridiculous to me because I have seen from the boards here that post-Accutane, many people are prescribed it. I think I will see how the Differin goes. If
  7. Hi Momiji_girl and leopard1 - thanks for the advice. I think the two of you have just presented both sides of my dilema! I have been on Differin before - before Roaccutane - it did not improve my acne - which I think was too far gone by then to respond to something so mild. It did however dramatically improved the quality of my skin which became soft and glowing. My reasons for starting it would be: Hopefully it would prevent any future acne - and my skin is showing indications that me
  8. Hi everyone, I finished a course of Roaccutane in February and almost straight away experienced some breakouts. Overall my skin condition is still in pretty good condition but I am very scared of going back to the state I was in. I am wondering if I should use Differin for maintenance (my derm has prescribed me some because I pretty much begged him for a retinoid) - there shouldn't be any IB - right?! Also, I'm a bit scared of using something like this indefinitely - California Estie (if you'
  9. I finished my Roaccutane course mid February and was very pleased with the result. However, within 2 weeks I had a massive spot in the middle of my right cheek. Since then I have had a couple of smaller spots and a little bit of congestion on my nose. I had my follow-up appointment with my (NHS) derm today. I have been really stressed and worried about my skin - but when I talked to him he was all smiles and said how pleased he was with my results. He said that I should expect the odd spot
  10. La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluid - this is AMAZING stuff! I used it all through my Roaccutane course, it is light and oil-free but also very soothing. The list of it's ingredients is very short and as far as I am aware, none of them are comodogenic. Because I need something with SPF for the day, I have just bought Avene Hydrance Optimale (UV Legere SPF 20) - this is also oil-free etc. I have my fingers crossed that it won't break me out!
  11. Differin is fine to apply in the morning if you use a sunscreen. Benzol Peroxide also increases one's sensitivity to light.
  12. Tetralysal - on it for 5/6 months, no difference at all Panoxyl 2.5% BP - literally burned the crap of my face. I have used Duac in the past which is 5% BP but though it caused a stinging, burning sensation it does not compare to the red, peeling mess that my skin was after Panoxyl. Paula's Choice Targeted Blemish Relief Toner (contains 2% BHA) - caused irritation. Differin - with Tetralysal. Ineffective, but I think it is what you combine it with that matters. I had previously been
  13. I have read very good things about Epiduo - there are a couple of Epiduo logs going on the retinoids log board. Epiduo is basically Adapalene(otherwise known as Differin - a retinoid) + 2.5% BP, I think that it may be more suited for moderate/severe acne, but check with your doctor. Duac is 5% BP + Clindamycin (antibiotic). A while back my GP prescribed me a combination of Differin in the morning and Duac at night. I stopped after a couple of months because the Duac caused a burning sensa
  14. La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide - Aqua/Water,Squalane, Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexyl-Glycerin, Caprylyl Glycol These are the ONLY ingredients it contains - I double checked the packaging. All these ingredients got a smiley face in Paula Begoum's directory, apart from Sodium Hydroxide which go a so-so face . Apparently Sodium Hydroxide is fine in small quantities and can be used to regulate PH balance on the skin - but not so good in large quantities