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  1. Argh banned, noooo! I miss you and your posts.

  2. Hey! i cant see the comment you posted on my pics plz tell me what it was ... iam curious :-\

  3. okay so now that i'm referred to as a "troll" you probably won't believe me but my heart goes out to you. i'm in so much pain right now i'm trying so hard not to end my life (for my mother, not for me, i dont care about me anymore) so my heart goes out TO EVERYONE that has acne, or any physical disability or skin disease. it's so crippling! its so horrible. i see people with ticks and i shake my fist at God because i dont understand how he can let this happen. but i believe in God. that's anothe
  4. you said yourself it would be awesome to become a hermit. you get food stamps, free health insurance and a 600 dollar check a month, why not?
  5. oh your lucky i just starve myself. its so funny. i take about 500 pictures daily with my webcam of how bad my skin is, and i've noticed over the past couple months how skinny my face is getting. hahahhahahah it doesn't matter if you overeat or starve yourself, your skin...well...it's gonna do what it wants! lololol HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SUN-in lol i forgot about that stuff hahah ahahahah aww i laughed aww.
  7. im not sure if there is someone that can make me laugh harder online than you walrus.
  8. lololol and i wasnt sure if anyone could take it too far :clap: :clap: