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  1. I have the same scars, from tca too. My scars were red and raised forever then I got 4 v beam treatments now there white and flat and look exactly like yours. Your lucky your is on your forehead mine are on my lower cheeks, one of them runs right down my laugh line,, its horrible looking . I have been sugessted to get filler injections but informed that its going to be permently discolored . Dermabrasion is my next extempt. It will take a couple to smoothe the demarkation intent lines ev
  2. very true, about the scar still being there. My scars were red and raised and after 4 beam treatments there pretty flat and over a year and half since I got them from a tca peel. The scars are still obvious because they have no hair and no poors and the pigment is a hint off (light). I will be trying dermabrasion to break up the hard scars now to hopfully to smooth the demarcation lines of the scar and normal skin..
  3. I posted some pics regarding my vbeam treatments I had 4 done over a year period. Its amazing with time gentle care and patience vbeam really helped. Just have to be patient and stick with it, plus i have learned not just everyone can do vbeam treatments. I got my treatments done at Oregon State Hospital University . From the actual Director of Dermatology ward. Unless an actual doctor (derm) that specializes in lession treatment is doing it ,, I strongly recommend not wasting your time. The
  4. 4 Treatments of V-Beam Approx Every 9-12 weeks
  5. can someone help me, I haven't talked with Dr. Y since Katrina and lost his info. Dr. Y suggested I do V-beam to remove my redness and wait a year for Dermabrasion. Well its been a year... I can't find his info in the forums- please help thank you much,,,,Amber
  6. anytime a cream is considered a form of acid - wich both creams are and yes they are abrasive, they cause your skins outerlayer to shed - (peeling) retin-a and Taz or chemical agents that burn the skin. I believe they are great agents for some that have acne, I do believe they work well on some. I am recommending untill someone knows exactly what type of scar they are dealing with not to run out and get abrasive creams such as taz thinking if it is a miracle cream. Because it could cause minor t
  7. Ok, I am not trying to hate, but I need to make a comment on this Quote Quote: hunter480 I had been on Tazorac for years---initially. It got rid of about 8 years worth of acne scars adn red marks-- removing them as they were forming. The only ones I had were new ones from recent breakouts that didtn have time to heal. I went on B5 and broke again (after changing brands) then immediately went on accutante. During accutane my skin started scarring up left and right, even on my hands becaues I wa
  8. I know your not interested in laser, but I tried scar zone, gel sheets that best thing for flattning and dramatically removing redness was the VBeam- You want it done by a trained doctor not and RN or Derm Assitant - ( There is a differance ) good luck,,
  9. mike, i have recently discovered my "affliction" with seb hyp and have been falling into a depression as a result. I feel out of control and am constantly searching for answers on how to deal with it. I just received PDL (or V Beam, which is newer technology) with Levulin about 4 weeks ago. This treatment has largely been unsuccessful to my great surprise given all of the success reported on the web of such a treatment. Unfortunately, no one really knows much about seb hyp, the cause of it
  10. tacey, how is your progress doing?
  11. its been 2 days since I know Dr. Y got my pictures, I waiting for a response Im so impatient... I just want to know if he can possible take my case, I had mild acne scars that got worsend to sever after a botch 40%tca peel. Now its 6 months since the accident and my skin obviously needs to be abraded to smooth it out its very rough and unever texture. Does anyone have a rough idea about how long he takes to get back with you, I know he is probally really busy Im just wondering how long I sh
  12. Does Dr. Y take Visa? , Im currently waiting for a phone call from Dr. Y after he reviews my pics. I forgot to ask that question when I called. Amber
  13. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate you for your time in giving me that info.
  14. I was looking for information on Dr. Y, Isn't he going to retire soon? I looked for contact info but I can't find it , Please help.. Amber