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  1. Hi everyone, After 2 years of being clear, it seems that in the last two months my skin seems to have decided to play up again! I used the regimen for about. Two years and when my skin cleared an stayed clear I came off t slowly. I was the constantly clear for around a year and a half. Even when visiting hot countries ect I didn't get any spots! Sadly now it all seems to have returned with large under the skin spots and white heads! I'm in the uk. Oxy on the spot seems t have disapered off th
  2. Hi, Firstly Im sorry to hear about your loss. I am also a 24 year old female and i sufffer from mild/moderate acne. i tend to get large pimples which take along time to go away and are impossible to cover on my cheeks!! I tried everything before finding this website and the reguimen. everyone here has been majorly helpful and Im not sure how i would have gone through this journey without the advice i have been given in the past. I hope all goes well with the derm and you get your ski
  3. Hi, Just need alittle advise! My skins pretty much clear accept for the monthly hornonal breakout. howver out of the blue i have two largeish bumps they are red and slightly raised. they have been there since tuesday and are on my top right hand corner of my face. I have been taking ibuprofen to help with the redness and swelling and tenderness. this has helped and they are not painful to touch. I have been apoplying bp and putting some spot treatment over the top in the form of clearisil. I
  4. I am Currently In this Situation! Popped a Large pimple on my cheek two days ago. It turned into a scab. but this morning as i was washing my face the scab literally fell off leaving a pink patch with a hole in the middle on my face! I have put a tiny bit of savlon on the area to make sure no infection gets in there and applied BP like normal! Im hoping because the scab fell off quite naturally It should all go away quite quick! I find applying a dab of savlon liquid to the spot helps dry t
  5. I have put bp on it, So fingers crossed it goes down over night! It has stopped hurting as much now which hopefully is a good sign! Thanks for your help!! I hate this kinda spot because it's impossible to cover and hide!!
  6. I cleared up completely last year and It felt great, going out and not having to worry about what my skin looks like! wearing less make up. Being able to plan days out without having to worry what my skin will be like! But the main thing for me was the mornings, not having the moment of dread as soon as you open your eyes and think what may have formed on my skin over night!! I would give quite alot to go back to that! I hate this sick feeling I have constantly while my skin is bad! the feeling
  7. I have had a large red pimple on my cheek for a few days now. Its been really quite painful! I just got home and removed my make up and it Had come to a white head. So I popped it using the reccomended way on this site. With a needle and gently squeeze. Alittle white stuff came out and a Tiny bit of blood and a kinda lumpy thing. I am now left with a Big red mound on my face! Was this the right thing to do?!! and what are your tips to what to do next with it?! atm I have just dabbed a tiny bit o
  8. Wow Thannkyou for sharing this!! Your words and feelings have truly touched me! you have said things there which I feel sometimes and have always been to scared to say! Acne is such a weight. Something that only those who are affected and have been affected in the past could ever understand! "I convince myself daily that I am happy with this way of life. I remind myself of the conditions of others, and try to imagine what it must feel like to be crippled, or starving, or a slave to some tyrann
  9. Thankyou for your replies! I dont know if my break out is a combination of the sun/being sweaty for long periods of time and my time of month! While i was away i got lots of quite large black heads which some seem to have developed into large red spots and white heads. However some have just come to the surface and disaprered! If there is one positive things about starting again is that I know alot more then i did the first time round! I know NEVER to pick at a spot! This was one of my worst hab
  10. I dont think it was because i stopped the regimen. I have been clear for a year now, so I dont think that would be the reason! I really dont know as I have done nothing different lately to my skin. The only thing is I went on holiday to a hot country and so my face got quite sweaty for 2 weeks! maybe this didnt help!
  11. Yes Im sure it will work again, its a fantastic regimen! I just was so happy being clear I thought that chapter of my life was over and done with! Just feeling alittle low and sorry for myself this evening!
  12. Hi everyone, I was a user here about a year ago now, unfortunanty it seems that i have to re start the reguime as i have started to break out again. I have been 99% clear for about a year. the only time i get the rare spot was around my time of month. I am now getting large cyst like spots again. I just wanna sit and cry as I have been so happy the lasy year and gain loads of confidence. All I can think of now is shutting myself away and how am I gonna face people! I feel totally gutted right n
  13. A year ago I was very Desperate to clear my skin, I had tried many things and spent alot of money and time on trying to achieve nice skin!! I found this website outta luck! I started the reguime using Oxy on the spot Bp, But soon switched to Dans Bp. Whiched worked out quite expensive as i live in the UK. I have never looked back. I had what would be descriped as a mild form of acne, but at 22 I was the only one of my friends who had any spots. A few months into the reguime i became quite obses
  14. Hi, Im soon to be going on a long flight, which means im going to have to do the reguime on the plane, I have sorted how i plan to carry out the reguime so that isnt the problem! I live in the uk so shipping is expensive, and I can really only order one 8oz tube of Bp at a time, without getting hit by customs! My question is, would it be ok to dispense some bp into those travel clear pots?, as long as it was kept air tight would this be ok? any help on travelling and plane jorneys while o
  15. I second the Jojoba oil, I take my make up off and leave the oil on my face for about 10 mins and the cleanse as normal! has helped alot!