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  1. I get the exact same thing as described by others on here. One other thing that is different would be the fact that i also get layers of water forming on my nose and upper lip. Awful because it looks like sweat or oil. I've got a derm appointment on Thursday and im gonna ask if i can be put on beta blockers to stop the embarresment. I'm still on accutane however so this may become a problem. I dont care about anything but getting rid of this god awful problem.
  2. Rosacea is highly linked in with genes, i.e you are destined to get it at some point during your life if you inherit genes from a family member who suffers from it. This point is usually later on in life, middle aged to old people are the most likely to have the diesease as their skin is weaker compared to its youthful state. Accutane however reduces skin to a very weak state and so something that is programmed into your genes rears its ugly head. This doesn't just apply to rosacea but other con
  3. I've been on it for about 4 months. I'm on a fairly high dosage of 80mg and have experienced a variety of side effects. The usual dryness of skin and lips is fairly annoying but can be controlled through good moisturisation, i recently added bio oil to my cleanser which has helped alot. However the worst side effect for me is definetly the redness it has caused. My face has a permanent red glow to it and at times when usually i'd feel embarrassed inside but not so bad as blush, now i turn brig
  4. I would very much like to know this also! Could someone please post the formula here.
  5. I realize that i guess i was just looking for people who have been on the drug experiences. If this happened to them, if so how long before it went away etc.
  6. As the title says, my blackheads seem to have all but diminished and it was all rather painless i must say. However they have left behind pores that are the same size as when the blackhead was there. These are especially noticeable on my nose as well as cheeks. From other peoples experience how long is it before the pores themselves actually shrink and leave my nose and cheeks looking 'normal'. Also i have found that they will look really good and small one day then the next quite big and even
  7. I definetly wouldnt reccomend it! Azelic acid will basically burn off skin cells but it will irritate the hell out of accutane induced skin. Depends on how you react to the drug i suppose, if you find yourself feeling itchy or flushed then definetly not. I'm pretty sure your not supposed to use any harsh topicals while on the drug, most would agree.
  8. Im on my 3rd week of treatment 50 mg a day. When i feel over my nose and sides of cheeks its really bumpy and i presume these are the blackheads forcing themselves out of the skin. When i look in the mirror they just look like little white pieces of small rice. How do you go about removing these, do you just leave them to fall off naturally or lightly scrub them with a wash cloth? Also i have loads of quite large blackheads on my nose and i can feel them now but no visual sign of them coming
  9. Only 10mg of Accutane? I would have a word with your doctor about increasing the dose to around 40 or 50 mg a day, this may cause an initial breakout but will work faster and probably better.
  10. Just buy it mate its not exactly expensive and if it doesn't work for you then just use it to wash your hair with, simple! 2nd Day for me, back and chest acne gone down alot whihc im chuffed at, my pimples seem to be ridding themselfs of the puss inside by themselfs which i find rather cool. Give it a few more days and i think ill start to see results.
  11. I am also trying this method as i have always used head and shoulders for my hair and it keep dandruf away and leaves my hair smooth. I did notice that the parts where the shampoo dropped onto my face stayed clear and patches on my back had no acne where it got onto them. At first the thought of using it for my face was ridiculous, i thought it would be extremely drying and irritating but quite the contrary. When i woke up this morning after using it for the first time my face felt really smoo
  12. Age: 17 Sex: Male School/College: Greenhead College, Huddersfield Acne status: mild/ much improved with my zz cream Favorite thing about yourself: My pretty muscular arms and overall build What would you change about yourself (other than acne): Would loose a bit of fat round my belly, would also make my hair alot smoother and less frizzy, save me time in the morning! Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings, all of them. Football factory was pretty cool. Favorite book: The lost continent - Bill Bryson
  13. I am still using the product, after about 4 weeks. I really like it and will continue to use it up until the 3 month period. I feel like its the only topical that has actually worked for me. Not completely clear yet but mostly. I think users should keep hope, dont look for information on this board though the mods do not like anything to do with demodex for whatever reason. There was some real useful stuff in the other thread aside from all the bullshti comments but it was still deleted, shame
  14. I have always thought that red marks were from underlying bacterial infections. The area is red because of the blood which is there trying to fight off the infection. I'm not positive but i find whenever i dry my skin out my red marks look alot better, accutane is the biggest drying product out there and i would think it would eliminate the red marks either by purging them or drying the underlying tissue out.
  15. Dith, hibicleans is a surgery grade wash. To you and me this is just a cleanser. What makes it so special is the antibacterial properties of it without it being over drying like other cleansers tend to be. As far as i am aware hibicleans is only available in America so if your'e a fellow brit theres not much chance of you getting hold of it. I personally haven't tried it but i did try 'provon' which is pratically the same but with different ingrediants. I did however find the provon quite irrit