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  1. Well guys and girls, I've been on Accutane for almost 5 months. All I can say is that I'm about 90% clear, but this isn't good enough. I've been keeping a log of what I eat everyday and referring back to it when I have a breakout to see what it is that I ate that has caused my breakout. Well Alas I think I've narrowed it down to Dairy Products. After some research on the internet I found that Acne can be a symptom of an allergie to certain foods. I also noticed that when I breakout its usu
  2. an old catchers mit, thats a good one !!! lol I'm mastered not being dry anymore, I just load up on the mosturizers !!!! and I don't sleep with the fan on full blast at night either, that will dry you out for sure !!!! And yes I have insurance and the blood work is free !!! but I'm talking to anyone who doesn't have insurance, they are going to have to pay through the nose for treatment.
  3. I started off at 20mg too and after about 2 weeks I started getting dry. I recommend moisturizing !!!
  4. I haven't finished man, I'm on my 4th month !!
  5. I just thought I would list a few thing for other people considering Accutane - this is my 4th month taking 40mg a day (mind you I'm 200lbs, Male) 1) Accutane is expensive (we are talking in the US) even with insurance - not to mention the doctor visits and blood work. A prescription of a 30 day supply is roughly $100 (after insurance) so its about $300 without. IF YOU CAN GET THE GENERIC BRAND CALLED CLARVIS ITS MUCH CHEAPER - about $45 for months supply. 2) You can definitely expect an i
  6. i tried uploading it but it isn't working, can anyone help??
  7. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER SO I HAVE DECIDED TO TELL YOU WHAT CLEAR ME UP - 100 mg of Minocycline for about 2 months Clean face with Clean and Clear Black Head Remover Scrub with SALICIC ACID in the morning then apply pure aloe vera gel for moisture after shower Clean face with oil free SALICIC ACID face wash at night and apply pure aloe vera gel for moisture before bed Here is my pic - pretty clear right? H:faceomit.jpg
  8. I think results may varie between people. I think the bottom line is that some people have allergies to certain foods you just have to find what those foods are -
  9. Let me rephrase myself - its unnatural for humans to drink OTHER mammals milk - of course its ok and natural for us to drink milk from our mothers but to drink the milk from other animals? I personally find that it does effect me very much so. Try stopping and see - I have totally changed my diet and have seen great results !
  10. I've always thought it wasn't natural to drink milk. Think about it for a second - we are the only mammals that drink other mammals milk - Hence my screen name - I'm almost clear of my acne however everytime I drink milk or a milk byproduct I breakout with large zits. It never fails. I've completely cut out my milk, cheese and ice cream intake. I feel better and look much better. No more outbreaks!!! I highly recommend that you try it !
  11. I have oily skin too! I find the more I wash my face and the hotter the water the more dry I get therefore causing more oil on my face. I cleanse in the morning and before bed at night. I'm in the process of switching over to all natural products but for the time being I'm using an Origins facial cleanser which I dillute. And for a moisturizer I use PURE Aloe Vera which doesn't allow my skin to become oily. I think all the scrubbing and drying people due to their skin to elliminate acne causes i
  12. I'm a very avide user of this wonderful message board. Its great. Of course all my life I have been battling acne so I feel for each and everyone one of you guys! Its very hard dealing with acne. I have decided to make my own natural products after years of research. I'm currently in the middle of my product develop and thought it is a good idea to consult my fellow victims here on this message board. I was wonder what you guys look for when choosing a product. Do you tend to purchase pr
  13. Vitamin A I used to have very severe acne grown up, from about 14 to 21. Now that I'm 22 I still get pimples but not as often. One day while working in retail, a man approached me and told me he was a nutrienous (sp?) and that he would recommend that I take large amounts of Vitamin A and that my skin would clear up in no time. So I did. But you don't understand, the dosage you guys are recommending is no where near the amount I was consuming a day. I would literally take 5 10,000 i.u. eve
  14. Ihateacne: I love origins, but the only thing I don't understand is, do you put the BP on after the matte science or before? And then add mosturizer ? Let me know what you do in accordance to the regimen, or are you on it? Please let me know
  15. Ihate ? Do like origins products? I bought the charcoal mask and use it once a week and found that it breaks me out. I was considering getting the matte science but was scared that it would break me - how do you apply it? After the BP? After the mosturizer? Please let me know. thanks.