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  1. I will add something. I have noticed this every time after drinking beer for a day or two, the next day when i wake up my skin is 10 times better then ever. Texture is beautiful, no pores visible pimples reduced many times. I have oily skin, and i dont know if its because of dehydration that my face looks better (is it even possible? ) or of something that is in the beer, but i know one for sure, after drinking beer my skin always looks so much better the next day.
  2. I've tested this many times. After drinking a lot of beer for one or two days, when i wake up my face skin luch sooo much better. pimples reduced, face texture looks very nice. So the questions are: 1. Is it just me or someone else experienced that? 2. what component in beer might have that effect on my skin?
  3. I have oily skin too. For me, moisturizers make it worse. Oil is till being produced and on top of that is my moisturizer which doesnt absorb at all so i have it doubled then.
  4. I get huge bumps in the same area at the time like 1 or two. But i mean exact same places on lower back.
  5. I started taking vitamin D3 2 weeks ago. So far no changes. Also using 1% BHA gel twice a day, not sure if i should use it twice or once a day. Im gonna start tanning, i heard positive and also negative things about it. I guess i will have to see for myself what will it do to me. Also started baking soda treatmen twice a week. P.S my skin isn't sensitive and its oily.
  6. Thats the thing i dont. Except of course at summer you stay out more outside. Im asumming it has to do a lot with sun. We dont get much sun around here since october starts.
  7. I tried numerous stuff, but it didnt help or make it worse. Had no influence on my acne at all. Im thinking its inside problem.
  8. Every year it happens. Just as summer comes, acne on my face and neck disappears. And every year i think maybe thats it (im 23 years now) . And every year im wrong. It comes back around september-octomber with flying colors (mostly red ). I have acne on chest back too but it doesnt affect it that much, it decreases in summer some but not that much as face and neck. Anyone else feels familiar? Maybe something can be done about it?
  9. Im loling multiple times in this thread. Oh well it provides some fun, works for me. Im really too lazy to get into this but couple things some guys here should know. Your muscle is already made up of 70-75 % of water Your own body produces CREATINE for normal person its enough added what you get from meat, but for weightlifters you need it more. And as someone already answered, when you start taking more creatine you add some water mass because creatine tends to hold water in muscles. When
  10. That is the most retarded and uneducated post ever. If you have no knowledge about it, next time do us a favour and just shut up.
  11. Now when i get some pimples i usually do this, put a little of BP straight on the pimples and let it sit there until it soaks in and disappears and i put some more again. I do that over and over again as long as im at home. My question is will it help the pimple disappear faster like drying it out or i will just irritate it and make ir red for longer time? Also any other products you can recommend me particulary for treating on spot? Thanks.
  12. Are you saying that stopping drinking milk is ridiculous? Google milk acne and you will find numerous articles about it causing acne. Im 99% sure its a trigger for me.
  13. I have back acne and chest acne for like 6 years now . Im 22 btw. Two years ago i started bodybuilding and i dont mean like just working out but it seriously became a part of my life and i grew some decent muscle since then. Now i dont have that much acne on my back chest left but there is some and also some red marks, but my confidence to take the shirt off is high because i have a nice body and its the first thing ppl notice, not acne. So i guess its one of the ways to deal with bacne.