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  1. IB can vary person to person. Its part of the Accutane Journey and its expected. For me personally i believe it lasted 2-4 weeks. Some people also experience another (usually smaller IB) if there dosage of accutane is upped throughout their course. Again, this is part of the process, and accutane doesnt work overnight. It usually takes between 3-5 months to see results for most people. What is more important is you keep track of any other 'abonormal' side effects the drug may be causing
  2. Hey mate From my understanding in the first 2-4 weeks with Differin it is natural to break out as Differin thins the layers of the skin and pushes blemishes to the surface. Over time as you continue to use Differin it will increase the rate in which your skin produces and 'turns over' skin cells which will minimise pores getting clogged. I would stick it out for another 4 weeks or so - and if there is no improvement speak to your doctor and/or dematologist. With Differin, also keep a loo
  3. So you've read the side effects of accutane, you've heard the health risks and on-going chronic challenges some people suffer and self admittedly you've only ever tried 1 remedy to try and resolve your mild to moderate acne. I think you've just answered your own question. You're 14 - exhaust other options before using Accutane. Accutane is not fun to take. Everyone reacts differently and its common for there to be permanent side effects. Permanently chapped lips, seb derm, facial flushing, sk
  4. The longer you take Accutane the more prone you will be to the side effects. Everybody reacts differently at different doses, however towards the backend of your course the side effects will likely be more noticable. Follow your derm's instructions and monitor your body closely. If anything seems unusual, let your derm know.
  5. Hi Lola, I know many females have had success using birth control pills to control hormonal induced acne with little to no side effects. The hormones in birth control pills can assist in managing the amount of Sebum (oil) produced. i personally would recommend speaking with your GP surrounding a suitable birth control pill (one suitable for improving acne) before using accutane as this has been found to be a proven remedy for a lot of females, and an a avenue you haven't yet explored. In r
  6. Hi there I used Duac for a short period a while ago, and i used it on my problem areas (forehead). At first i thought it was amazing, it made my skin so smooth, however I found after using this daily for a few weeks, its affects stopped working. I would put it on more or less all my forehead. Monitor how you react to it as everyone can be different. Ask your Derm or GP as they could provide further insight. Good luck
  7. I am sorry to hear this story Lillie. In my opinion Accutane side effects are still widely unknown and the after affects can last months, years, or even be permanent. Its a gamble, and nobody knows what the side effects will be for them until they take it. I took a course of accutane around 5 years ago, and still suffer from permanently chapped lips, hypersensitive skin and mild seb derm, I also had a bad case of facial flushing shortly after my course, yet used a combination of Mirtazapin
  8. Hi Kgirl, I took a course of accutane a while back. Started 20mg, then upped to 40mg then finally 60mg. I had an inital breakout at 20mg, and then a smaller breakout at 40mg. I dont recall having a breakout too major when upped to 60mg. The good news is youre likely past the inital tough stage of the first couple of months. Months 3 and 4 was when i saw positive results. My course went for around 5 months. If you breakout again just let it happen as everyone can react differently. What id
  9. I also had mild case of KP on my arms after taking a course of accutane (5 years ago). This has subsided as time as gone on and is minimal now. Accutane also left me with a mild case of Seb Derm. Weather can affect KP. Keep the area moisturized - treatment will need to be ongoing, can start with over the counter products, if this doesnt work and its really bothering you speak with your doctor of Dermatologist regarding alternative treatment.
  10. Hi Lola, I have taken a 5 month course of Accurate in the past (5 years ago to be exact) and i wanted to provide you some insight. Firstly please do your research - thoroughly. Accutane is not a medication to be taken lightly and has both positives and potentially permanent negatives. The positive is that it does clear your skin - i had moderate acne (many pustules etc) which i no longer suffer from. In saying this, i have been left with permanently chapped lips - i still use a chapstick
  11. Hi Oil king, hope all is well.. Tell me about Celexa.. is this similar to Mirtazapine? Im currently taking Propranolol, Clonidine and Mirtzapine and still i flush.. not as easily, but i still flush. Im yet to try lasers also
  12. Hey guys, if even 1 person reads this, it will be worth my time. 10 months post tane, and while my skin has remained RELATIVELY clear, not 100%, but better.. i have OTHER PROBLEMS POST ACCUTANE. -Rosacea Facial flushing -Seb derm -Angular Cheilitis -Chapped lips still -Sensitive skin So there ya go, 22 years old and i now have chronic skin conditions which might last me the rest of my life. FUCK ACCUTANE. Listen and listen closely, THIS SHIT IS POISON. I was 100% healthy before tane, i
  13. Hey guys, been flushing all this year and went to some tests with the doctor. Came back i have high Cortisol levels. I know this is linked to stress and anxiety, but does anybody know if this can have any relation to facial flushing? Any comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks
  14. Hey guys. Had frequent flushing after acne treatmeants, and was wondering if anybody had used Metrogel/Rozex cream with any success? I dont have pustules, just the flushing. Will this help for flushing? Thanks in advance.
  15. Just prescribed Clonidine for flushing. Hopefully gonna see some good results! Anyone taking Clonidine or anything similar drop me a private message, would love to hear how its going for you. Cheers.