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  1. Anyone know of a good mask for acne that I can leave on for all night? Thanks <3
  2. Thanks guys =) That helps, and thanks I'm also on my 2nd course. Good luck to you as well.
  3. Hi everyone, I started Accutane today. I was wondering if anyone knew if you can drink while on it?
  4. Thankyou so much. That really helped. I will def. be doing this tommorow!
  5. Hi everyone. So I've recently been trying this apple cider vinegar diet paired with tea tree oil, but recently it stopped working and I broke out with about 7 cysts on my chin =/ I stopped using the tea tree oil about 2 days ago, because I ran out, but still continue with the ACV. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to help clear my skin before I go up to PA to meet my boyfriends family on Sunday. Thankyou everyone =) I would really really appreciate any advice.
  6. Hi hun, That's great to hear that you have finally been put on Accutane. I think it's a great drug! It will definitely rid you of any acne you have and before you know it you will have your confidence back. Keep your head up =)
  7. I think it could be the climate. I live in Kansas and whenever I travel up to NY my skin freaks out. Please don't be embarrassed..everybody gets breakouts so I'm sure your friends and family will just think(if they even notice) it's just a normal breakout..It's really all in your head how you perceive their reactions. If they are truly your friends and family they will not care about something as trivial as that. Keep your head up and stop stressing, that will only exaggerate the problem. Best o
  8. It will clear you up and yes, you will have scars. However, I had many scars after completely Accutane and used Palmers Cocoa Butter Oil and that cleared the scars up, there also is the opportunity for Laser treatments 1 year after Accutane.
  9. You can buy it at Wal-Mart. It's a simple moisturizer that won't irritate your skin or clog your pores, and it has sunscreen in it. I'd suggest that.
  10. When is your interview? If you are very self concious about it and it's fairly far away, I'd suggest purchasing a male makeup. They have websites for it, and there actually is a forum on this site. If you don't want to do that I'd suggest buying some Palmers scar healing lotion..I forget the exact name but it's by palmers and it works well on scars. I used it when I got off of Accutane. What to wear? I'd say a nice button up with some khakis. If all else fails show that smile, maybe buy some whi
  11. To answer everyone I believe she cut out dairy from her diet. She could not go on Accutane because she is not a candidate due to her Rhemumatoid Arthritis.
  12. My main side effect I had was dry lips; personally Carmex did not work for me, but Aquaphor was a godsend! I'm going on my 2nd round March 10th and I can't wait! Good luck to your Accutane journey =)
  13. I'm also going on Accutane in a month, what is the candida diet?