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  1. Well at least someone knows what Im talking about! These nasty Demodex mites! But Im not too sure how you can say that removing them is "impossible"? However, it is hard to get rid of them completley but you certainly CAN drastically reduce the count and the damage would have been. Ive seen it work on my best friend, myself and we did some tests in the lab at my university and you can reduce the count of live and dead Demodex to like 85% or so which basically stops the damage all together if you
  2. Theres somthing called the Mint Julep Masque that works extraordinarily well! Also "Mario Badescu" drying lotion.
  3. Actually hun, you do! Everyone does! Again this is fact! Not theory. I guess your looking not for an actual solution, your looking for some other answer that is more agreeable to you. More along the lines of some way to extract them! Well go to the spa and get an extraction once a week for the rest of your life!! There ya go! Does that make more sense to you? Do yourself a favor and spend $50 and get the FACEDOCTOR stuff at the store. Itll be the last product you buy I assure you! I dont know an