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  1. What are the cheapest ways to actually get rid of scars fast.
  2. do you know a good way to get rid of a sun burn

  3. My face is pretty red. I was in the sun a lot this week, bad choice. and I used bp lastnight, another bad choice. lol what should I use to get my skin back to normal??!
  4. Do I need both cus I thought lemon juice has aha in it..?
  5. Ok, thanks everyone! I think I have a good idea of what I should do.
  6. I'm sorry!! You can message me sometimes I don't get the notifications!!

  7. No, thank you! That helps a bunch actually. I'm a straight guy, so I don't know much about make up. So, concealer that matches my skin tone or a lil lighter and then a foundation to even it all out?
  8. Do I need both concealer and foundation to make my acne scars and hyper-pigmentation hidden and still look natural?
  9. Does anyone know the cheapest and most affective ways for getting rid of red marks?!
  10. Does anyone know the cheapest and affective ways to get rid of scars?
  11. Can I talk to you about make up somewhere? It seems like people don't reply to posts more than once. lol

  12. I'm having problems with the stuff I have right now cus the Almay smart shade concealer is really thick and stands out with a orangeish color and the foundations I have are too dark for my skin tone and it makes the acne scars stick out even more and the hyper-pigmentation to look like dark/grey spots. :l
  13. I need names of the best concealer and foundation to hide acne scars. I need it to look natural as possible. I have acne scars and pigmentation, and right now it's hard for me to even leave the house. So, PLEASE. Help. thanks, Brandon
  14. I know the dangers of tanning, so please don't post stuff about that. I am wanting to know what products I can use to keep my acne at bay and still be able to go tanning. Please help! thanks
  15. I know I'm a guy, but I don't care cus I don't like how my face looks. My question is, what is the best concealer and foundation used to cover acne/hyperpigmentation/acne scars. I would like to find good products at walmart but I will buy them other places if I have to. Also I want products that make it look the most natural. Thanks, Please help!