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  1. Hi Russ, There are a lot of people taking Accutane and who are sharing their experience on Accutane logs section of this discussion Forum. I for one have one with a friend in the UK. I myself am in Canada. You can go check those out and they might help you get a grasp about what it's like to take Isotretinoin. Cheers. Jizan
  2. Hey Checkerz! Hope things are going well. Cystic acne is severe acne as you must already know. I've had cystic acne for many years now. I started an Isotretinoin treatment 3 months ago. You might know about Accutane, it's isotretinoin. It diminishes excess sebum production. I've seen dramatic results just in the three months I've been on it. You might be able to explore other options, like antibiotics like erythromycin, which is usually available by prescription from your family doctor. Here i
  3. Day 72! Skinometer: Lips: Dry, easy to manage. Facial Skin: Combination. Flaking, especially around mouth. Impetigo on ears Acne (face): A few cysts.. broke out a few weeks ago Redness: Mild (has never went away, really) Dryness: feet, face. Back: mildly dry skin. Nothing to report Wow, It's been forever. I sincerely apologize for my lack in updating the log. It is a merged log, so I have to make my contribution, right ? My accutane treatment is actually going great. Last month wasn't
  4. DAY 21 Skinometer: Lips: Chapped lips Facial Skin: Normal Acne (face): Mild Redness: None Dryness: Minimal Happy (late) Easter everyone! Same with Helios, I was in Ottawa the past week, and haven't been very "connected" for lack of a better term. Weather has drastically changed and it has affected my skin. I started using my Cetaphil SPF moisturizer because the UV index has also drastically augmented the risk of sunburn. I'm finally getting the hang of my dry lips. I found a product
  5. DAY 6 Skinometer: Lips: Cracking up... sensitive and a bit painful... Facial Skin: Good, but now moisturizing regularly with Cetaphil facial moisturizer with SPF 15 Acne (face): Mild Redness: Mild Dryness: Mild Flaking So today is Monday. Beginning of the new work week and I'm have no motivation whatsoever to work. It has nothing to do with Accutane, just has everything to do with my upcoming weekend where I'll be travelling to the capital city, Ottawa for meetings and seeing old Vancou
  6. DAY 5 Skinometer: Lips: A little dry, not bad. Facial Skin: Good, but now moisturizing regularly with Cetaphil facial moisturizer with SPF 15 Acne (face): Mild (My cysts are going down...) Redness: Mild Dryness: Mild Flaking Beautiful Sunday! Hi everyone, Day 5 of my Clarus treatment (isotretinoin). I'm now officially moved in with my partner. Woo hoo! It's been the easiest move I've done so far, mostly because I own very little stuff. So anyways, let's talk about the real stuff,
  7. Day 3.5 Knock knock. Who's there... Dry skin is here. Oh sh#t... Bummer, evening after Day 3, after I take my shower, I notice my skin is flaking off already on my face, accompanied by a slight headache. Not sure why, and can't connect it to the meds, but it's still there. I'm drinking water to catch up on my H2O intake and popped an Advil to help out cause it's getting late and I want to go to bed soon. No skinometer tonight, but will update tomorrow, day 4. Cheers, Jizan
  8. Glad to hear it's better. I was asking because I sometimes have Excema attacks on my hands, especially on knuckles and end of fingers. It usually starts itching, then the skin seems to get thicker and then cracks. Thanks for keeping us updated! Best of luck.. Jizan.
  9. I agree with Wynne, it actually looks like Excema and Accutane is known to do that to some. But do consult your doctor if it doesn't eventually heal in a week or two. Is it itchy? and does your skin (where it hasn't peeled) feel thick? Jizan.
  10. DAY 3 Skinometer: Lips: Normal Facial Skin: A bit oily, as usual Acne: Mild, one new cyst, right under the bottom lip... Argh!! So I just took my third dose of Clarus, a generic brand of Isotretinoin. I haven't noticed any side effects yet, which is great. I'm sure it'll come eventually. I went to the pharmacy, to find myself a facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. I've never had a sunburn, I guess because of my skin tone, but my dermatologist and pharmacist insisted I get a cre
  11. Hey there! I just started Isotretinoin today. I was thinking maybe we could both feed this topic, as two males following a Accutane regime. What do you think? DAY 1 First dosage of Isotretinoin. I'm nervous but happy that it's finally started. I was also surprised that the medication isn't too expensive. Without insurance, it came to 65 dollars for month's supply at 60mg per day. Skin is alright. My acne gets worse sometimes, but these last weeks haven't been so bad. So I'm using Neutroge