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  1. OK cheers for the info guys, what is MSM? Magnesium?
  2. Hi All, This really is for the men, but any help/advice is appreciated as always... Basically, cutting a long story short, when I was 15/16 I developed terrible acne which left me with awful scarring, mainly to the cheeks. After working my way through the antibiotics I eventually ended up on Roaccutane for four months at the age of 16 and it cleared my skin completely, I had no more oily skin issues, no spots, the scars faded and I was more than pleased with the result. In 2009, 9 ye
  3. Hey ho, the mechanics of skin are pretty complex, and everyone reacts differently to different treatments I guess. Anyway I've posted a couple of photos of my skin, three hours after my first treatment on the laser. This was just two passes on each cheek, my next appointment in a months time will be more intense with three passes per cheek. Sorry about photos being round the other way, I forgot to rotate them on my phone before posting!
  4. Hi All, There is quite a bit of background info on here about me, just search for a few of my previous posts if you're interested. Basically I'm a 27 year old UK male, I took Roaccutane at the age of 15/16 (year 2000). My skin was completely clear and oil free until the summer of 2009, when I began getting oily skin and cystic acne on my jawline. Cutting a long story short, I took a 10 month course of Roaccutane again, it did work, although did cause me a few complications. Obvioulsy dryne
  5. Thankyou for your help, androgen dominance though?! What is that and how do I get tested and treated for that using hormone therapy?!
  6. Hi All, As I said, I'll be amazed if someone can answer this... I'm 27, battling with oily skin. I first took a four month course of Accutane when I was 16 years old for moderate acne - it cleared me up until the age of 25 with not one single blemish or sign of oily skin. As I said I'm now 27, I took another course of Accutane (for ten months!) which i finished in January of this year. I am now fighting to control my oily skin - it is actually worse than when I was 14 and 15 years ol
  7. Hi All, Just a bit of background info on me, I'm a white 27 year old UK male. I developed severe acne at the age of 15, tried all the over the counter products, about 4 or 5 different antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide solution etc and nothing ever worked, until I went on a 4 month course of Roaccutane. Although I had very mild scarring, my skin was oil free and blemish free and looked wonderful, up until around 2 years ago. Around 2 years ago, I noticed a slight increase in oil production. A
  8. No, I won't touch alcohol whilst taking Roaccutane, and nothing else has changed like diet etc. Today, the spots have gone down a little. I think this is beacuse last night I didn't moisturise, so my skin is really dry and has dried the spots out, although it has now scarred me. I used a very mild face wash - I was actually thinking of changing to a very mild exfoliating face wash, although I am unsure how the "grittiness" of the soap would react with my skin, maybe it would be too harsh, but
  9. Hi All, I have made a few posts on here a little while back regarding my second course of Roaccutane. I was taking it around 10 years ago, but last October I had a reoccurance of oily skin and large cysts on my jawline, so I began taking Roaccutane in March this year, starting off on 30mg per day, and then raising to 70mg in around June/July this year. (I weigh 70kg, male, 26 years old). In the past few days, I have noticed a few spots appear, more so on my left cheek. I have no oily skin eith
  10. Hi All, Just a quick post. I have posted a few things on here, but just a small bit of background on myself. I am a 26 year old UK male who began taking roaccutane 10 years ago for severe acne. It cleared it all up, and I was completely blemish free until Decemeber last year. In March of this year I had to take another course of Roaccutane, which I am now on 70mg per day (I weigh 70kg). I thought I was in luck when all of my acne began to disappear, although in the last week, my face has becom
  11. Hi All, Can anyone explain this ??? I am a 27 year old UK male - I had severe acne when I was 15/16 so went on a course of Roaccutane (60mg) which cleared up in 4 months and remained COMPLETELY spot free! I am now 26, and in January this year I began developing oily skin and cyst-like spots on my jawline, which were literally the size of a shirt button. I am now on my 2nd course of Roaccutane, having been taking it since March 19th this year. My skin has dried up, but I am still getting spots
  12. Hi Jamie, For one minute there I thought you had copied my post that I wrote back in March! I was in exactly the same boat as you are now. I am 27 as well, and when I was 15/16 years old I had severe acne on the cheeks and nose. I tried the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor (all the 'cyclines!) but nothing touched it. Luckily, I was put on a course of Roaccutane - I went up to 60mg for a total of 4 months, and remained totally spot free until January this year. In January this year, I had t
  13. OK thankyou for your help. I was definately scarred and still am by the acne I had, but I didn't know that roaccutane caused that as well. Infact I am actually a little unsure if roaccutane is still available on the NHS, that was a rumour I heard? Do you know what the procedure would be in order to go and see a private dermatologist, do I have to be referred by a doctor or is it something I just book and pay for and go!?! Sorry but I never thought I would be in this situation again!
  14. Hi All, New here on the forum so I thought I would say hello! A bit of brief background info on my acne history - at the age of 15 I had severe acne. I tried everything ranging from over the counter products, to antibiotics and other topical applications from my doctor. I was depressed, and I was left both emotionally and physically scarred. I was referred to a dermatologist to discuss my options as nothing was working. At the age of 16 (year 2000) I started a course of Roaccutane, as prescri