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  1. Anybody with acne have a sibling with NO ACNE AT ALL? I mean, c'mon!! Don't get my wrong I mean this guy is my brother after all but seeing him not having to do anything to his skin at having it be perfect all the time is quite angering. Plus he's superior to me in every other sense possible. And he's younger! I think hes becoming an Abercrombie model or something. And me? I'll be able to have '45 years old' and 'virgin' in the same sentence when describing myself. Damn. Sorry I just had to get
  2. I have oily skin. Funny thing is, a little more than a year ago I remember having to put a fair amount of moisturizer on me face lest it start flaking later on since it was that dry. But now my face is very oily and not too long after washing. In particular, my nose which becomes oily the fastest by far, and my forehead which happens a bit later. Anyway, I was wondering if there was anyway to take some control over it or if theres anything at all I can do? Thank you very much for your time.
  3. Hello. I must say my acnes been calming down a bit in the past yeasr but recently I've had a few flare ups. But anyway, I recently made a small switch in my acne medication (I went from OxyClean twice a day to Gillette Complete Skin Care while alternating that with OxyClean at night every two nights or so). Anyway, it's been a while since I've have any sort of nodular pimples though I did have one on my neck not to long ago. Anyway I have one on more forehead and it just looks like a red spot ri