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  1. Hello, Long time on-and-off DKR user. Currently back on the wagon after veering off for five years, because DKR has proven to be the only thing to keep my skin clear. I achieved perfectly clear skin on DKR 10 years ago (!!), which lasted for about five years until I began experimenting with "natural" methods (tea tree oil, law of attraction, meditation, diet, etc etc etc...) that never worked. I'm currently on Week 2, Day 1 of my latest round on the Regimen, which I'm taking very serio
  2. Hi there, Thanks for the reply. I am following the Regimen exactly, and I've ordered the AHA+ (hopefully it all ships soon). I think my skin is just getting used to the treatment; I trust it'll glow and radiate again, like it did before! Thanks much
  3. Hi, Long time user of DKR, but not consistently since 2015. From 2010 until 2015, I used it regularly with great success. Long story short, I fell off the wagon trying to find a "natural" method to keep my face clear and it not only drove me crazy, but didn't work. So here I am... back on the wagon, and on my 4th full day of week 1. I must say, I see progress already and feel great knowing that I'm coming back to Ol' Faithful. Since my skin isn't new to BP, I'm not experiencing the ext
  4. Wow, it’s definitely been a while since I last updated… I went off the grid for a while there partially because I was in Japan (in the US now visiting friends and family for two weeks!) and busy with Japan stuff, and also because I was thinking less and less about my skin. I’m still not really obsessed with it or particularly worried anymore – trying to be, anyway – but I’ll give an update: Face: Looking OK pimple-wise, with some stuff going on in my temples and at the tops of my cheekbone
  5. Wow, it's been 7 full weeks! I have to say, my face is actually looking... really good. The dryness on my chin waxes and wanes, but it seems to be balancing out now that I've reduced BP and have been applying oil (jojoba and safflower) to it both directly and combined with my Cerave. My complexion is a lot clearer, and my beautiful milky skin tone is starting to shine through. The breakout from the dry skin/having to pick off flakes/sloppily applying lotions with (probably) dirty fingers multi
  6. Whoops, looks like I mixed up my dates before... oh well. Yup, daily updating, but writing in this thing always helps me feel more grounded about the progress my skin is definitely making, but can be difficult to see when feeling anxious...Status: my face is looking good. Nothing new is popping up, save for a tiny pimple in no-man's-land from where things were super dry and irritated. Yesterday I bought some high quality jojoba oil (30 dollarsssss sigh) with the intent of doing a mask with it to
  7. Hello again, It hasn't been that long since my last entry, but anyway... Status: the thing on my chest got bigger, and it's typical folliculitis in that it looks super irritated but there's just one clogged pore. The good news is that it's pink, not red... so hopefully when it deflates (which I suspect is soon) it won't leave a big ol' splotch of PIH. As for my face: my chin is looking a lot more healthy now that I've backed off a little on the BP. It doesn't look as irritated, and on the
  8. Hello from Japan!Welp, I made it through one of the most stressful summers EVER. And my skin basically did too, but:Status: forehead is looking pretty good. There are a few clogged pores that are minuscule but still are a little bothersome (arg, perfectionism, but I suppose I have to be patient), and an unclean area near my left temple/above my eyebrow (it just looks irritated). Red marks are fading, but still slightly there. The left side of my face had some action last week, but it's mainly di
  9. Hey there, to anyone who reads this… It’s the end of Week 6, and things are looking up. My chin is still faintly purging, but again, it’s all old stuff and needed to come up at one point or another. Luckily the no-man’s-land is more or less clear on both sides now… I wouldn’t be surprised if the left side purged with one more zit, but honestly, they come, turn yellow, and go away in a few days so it’s not a big deal. On the left side of my face there’s some action going on…
  10. Wow, it’s been a while… both since I’ve written, and since I’ve started! Status: Things are continuing to improve, although it is sort of a two (or three!) steps forward, one step backward kind of a deal. My forehead is almost completely clear of blackheads now, which is so exciting. Other than some mild PIH and some teency tiny dying zits, it’s pretty much totally clear. This includes my temples, which is super great. My chin… is getting there. The “no man’s land” area under the corners o
  11. Welp, it’s been three full weeks on the Regimen. Status: I have to say, things have really started to clear up since my last post. I’m not sure if it was a change in mindset (focusing on the positive and on progress, not “perfection”) or if things just naturally started kicking into gear, but a lot of those blackheads on my forehead have started to flake off. Also, those small-but-irritating pimples that weren’t really going away… have mostly gone away. It’s kind of weird! My chin is still pu
  12. Well, it hasn’t been that long since my last update, but the ups and downs in the acne world never cease! Lol. Anyway, current status: the yellowhead on my chin flattened out, and the blackheads seem more tame. It seems like some may have flaked off since yesterday – and again, I am here to admit that I do pick at the ones that are basically falling out of my face anyway, which I should think about stopping, perhaps? – but, in any case, things are looking more stable. The same goes for my for
  13. Hello, Long time DKR user, and one time veteran of acne.org. It's... good to be back? Meaning: I have acne problems again, lol, but I'm grateful for acne.org. Anyway, I once had moderate/severe acne that I cleared up with diligent use of DKR back in 2010 (I kept a blog cataloguing the experiences, for anyone interested in reading). It took about 4-5 months to get consistently clear, beautiful skin. And it was airbrush, beautiful, totally clear, glowing, soft... amazing. It stayed pretty cl
  14. Welp, two full weeks now. Current status: some more of the blackheads on my chin are coming to the surface in the form of tiny red and/or yellow pimples, while the other ones have flattened out into red marks that will probably not linger for very long (yay!). My temples remain more or less clear, of active acne save for the left side where a long-incubating whitehead has turned into a full-blown zit. My forehead has a few tiny red pimples and most of the blackheads from before (leaving tiny
  15. Hello, It hasn't been that long since my last post, but I actually had written the "Starting Point" entry the day before posting... anyway... Current status: two of the three major blackheads on right side of chin/the area below the lip have turned into small yellowheads, while the third is deciding whether or not to become a full-fledged red pimple. I'm happy that these blackheads are finally coming to the surface. The left side of my chin/area below the lip has already MAINLY finished pu