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  1. Hey hey, Well, my skin is looking really, really good. I have one small zit on the underside of my chin, because I rest my face there a lot. Other than that... pretty much no clogged pores, and definitely no pimples. Things just look so smooth, even, and good. My PIH is also fading, although it is still there. I use AHA every other night; the rest of the time, it’s Dan’s BP with Cetaphil face wash and lotion, twice a day. I haven’t missed an application this whole time, except for one
  2. Hey hey, So, things are looking really good. The last time I had an inflamed pimple was about three weeks ago. The last time I had a CYST was... wow... at least two months ago! DKR really works. Generally my face is really smooth, but two weeks ago I did a Nair treatment on my face and left it on a minute too long, which ended up irritating my face a lot. I think as a result of that, I got a few clogged pores on both sides of my face. I HATE these things because they take a while to go
  3. Hey there, Well, it has been a little while. Current status: dying zits on my chin and jawline, and one teeny dying zit on my right mandible. I have to say that I haven’t been as exact as I had originally intended— I still touch my face a lot, and I don’t take as much time as I should rubbing in the BP. But I do it consistently, twice a day, and am using a lot of BP, and although my skin suffered a small breakout (left jawline got a patch, as did my right), I know what it was from (the
  4. Yo yo, OK! So there are a few tiny pimples on my face, but they’re not inflamed and they’re pink. Like, this is minor stuff here. That said, I’ve been on the Regimen a while and I’m thinking I could be even clearer than I am now. I’m therefore going to experiment and do the Regimen EXACTLY as Dan says to do it: featherlight touch, waiting the full time between steps, only washing for 10 seconds, barely touching face when washing, patting dry with a towel, and not touching my face in th
  5. Wow, I can’t believe it’s Week 11 already! Status: one dying pimple on my right jawline (NOT a cyst!), two tiny dying pimples on my forehead, a tiny pimple on my next near my jawline on the right side... um... maybe 3 clogged pores, 4 tops, on the entire left side of my face, including the jawline? Basically, things are looking and feeling really good. My red marks are fading fast, and while they’re still there faintly my overall skin tone is starting to look very even and cle
  6. Hey hey, Wow, a lot has happened in the past 10 days. My face is looking and feeling really great! The pimple on my forehead, which was big and ugly, went away completely and left just a faint red mark that will probably be totally gone in a few weeks. The latent cyst on my left temple has finally resolved, as has the one on my right jawline; both were around for weeks and weeks in different stages, especially the one on my jawline. I'm talking 6 solid weeks! The right side of my face is pr
  7. Wow, it's almost Week 8-- meaning I've been on the Regimen for almost two whole months! Status: my skin is looking really good. The right side of my face -- forehead, cheeks, temples, chin, jawline, neck -- is almost entirely clear. I have no pimples there, and no pimples on the horizon -- just maybe 2 clogged pores on the apple of my cheek, and mayyyybe 1-2 more on the side of my face. They're imperceptible, and even though you're not supposed to pick I DID squeeze at that system of clogge
  8. Hi again, Well, it hasn't been that long, but writing in this thing always helps. The three boils are a lot better-- the one under my lip is pretty much flattened out, but it's leaving a big red mark. Oh well. The one down by my jawline/lower cheek is also pretty much flat, but also seems to be leaving a red mark. The one on my cheek isn't quite flat yet and didn't come to a head, but it's also not a cyst. It's flatter than it was, though, and less red, so I guess time will tell. Not
  9. Hi there, OK, so I'm on Week 6. It's kind of hard to believe. So for the most part, my skin is really evening out-- it's smooth, and my clogged pores are going away. I probably have less than five on my entire face, which is a big improvement. THAT SAID... I have 3 huge, angry red zits (NOT CYSTS, thank GOD) on my face. To be fair, they are all in places where there was stuff that needed to come to the surface-- one on my left jawline/lower cheek, one on my left cheek, and a big o
  10. Hey hey, Well, I don't know. It seems that breakouts come and go in waves. The good thing is that they are clearing up quickly, and that they're in places where there was already stuff lurking. I wish it would go faster! Current status: forehead is totally good. Right temple stillll has the shrinking zit by my eye, and another zit by my hairline that was a deeply lodged thatch of blackheads. The right cheek is looking pretty good, with some more long-lodged blackheads having come to th
  11. PS: My biggest challenges thus far are: -waiting the full time between steps (particularly washing + BP) -not touching my face throughout the day -being extra gentle when I apply BP/lotion Things I'm doing well at! -being gentle while drying my face -using a generous amount of BP/moisturizer -consistency (2x a day, generally 12 hours apart) Onward!
  12. Hey hey, Well, absolutely no one is reading this thing, but that's OK. My skin is looking better. I wish it would clear up a little faster, but for now I'm pleased with the progress I'm seeing. Generally, things are clearing up: areas that purge tend to stay clear, and my skin isn't that red anymore. It's still a little blotchy, but like all my times on the Regimen, this is just a fact of things for the first few weeks. Really, I've only been on the Regimen less than 4 weeks, and
  13. Wow, halfway through Week 3 already? Let's see. My face is less red than the last time I wrote, which is good-- my overall skin tone is improving. Overall status: two symmetrical big-ish papules on my jawlines that I was worried would be cystic that went down a LOT last night. I used 5% on them and spot-treated with tea tree oil, which I know isn't the Regimen but I'm so glad that they aren't going to turn into cysts. I am also currently deviating from the Regimen again AS WE SPEAK wi
  14. Hey there, OK, I'm making some deep progress on the Regimen. It's exciting! Status: the cyst on my temple is deflating significantly and isn't very red, so that's great. The rest of my forehead is looking pretty good-- the activity I had a few weeks ago in the left/middle is kind of hanging around. It's pretty imperceptible, but I want those clogged pores gone! On the right side my forehead is pretty much entirely clear. There are a few tiny clogged pores, but I think no one would noti
  15. Hi all, Made it to Week 2! Feeling OK. And by "feeling OK", I mean... well, it fluctuates. Generally, my skin is still looking pretty damn good when I wake up in the morning, and I'm realizing there is room to streamline my adherence to DKR even more. It's a little tricky having a boyfriend and doing this-- especially a boyfriend with unbelievably perfect skin (seriously) -- but... oh well. I'm getting over that. My skin is mysterious, but I also trust that DKR will clear it up.