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  1. haha yeah I heard that too. That was one of the main reasons why I took forever to decide to go on them. But I talked to people about it and their experience and found that there have been mixed results. Just like there have been mixed results about major weight gain or nausea. Some say it came back, some say it didn't. Some say they gained 30 pounds, some say they lost weight. Some even say that their acne got much worse as soon as they started taking it. I did a TON of research haha. My acne w
  2. So I kind of forgot about this website. I started taking birth control [Ortho Tri-Cyclen] back in my senior year of highschool right before the summer and it has worked WONDERS!! My skin is almost completely clear. I still get the occasional white heads but holy moly I used to have it alllllllll over my face, shoulders, and back and now they're all spotless!! well..except for the few scars that are left over. However, I used a scar cream which has really helped. I'm going to review the
  3. Due to end of Senior year craziness, I haven't updated on here in a couple of days. As of today, I have zero new visitors..anywhere. However, rather than feeling totally excited about it, Im cautious as to whether or not this is a permanent thing or if its just post break out period before yet another errupts. All nauseau is gone and I haven't had any new headaches. After graduation, my friends and I are going on a cruise so I'm reallllyyyy reallly hoping Ill have the confidence to go swimm
  4. I skipped school yesterday. Yes, I was so ashamed of the hormonal retaliation taking place on my face that I just couldnt bring myself to go to school. I ended up going to Starbucks and sitting inside for an hour. With all this school I've been missing lately, I'm surprised I haven't had a visit from the law. They'll ask me what my motive was: "abuse? drugs?" And I'll reply: "Yes, acne has bruised my heart and drugged my soul." Ya think they'll take that well? I.am.crazy. This morni
  5. Yesterday, I again forced myself to leave the comforting walls of my home. I went to Ross and walking in I was thinking to myself: ok, i am going to hold my head high and look out of the corner of my eye at everyone around, trying to see if they're stairing at my acne (yes, I have grown accustomed to doing this). It was horribllleeee. I felt so miserable. I tried to only go down aisles I knew had no one in them. Then, when I was in line to buy my things, an old man came up and stood behind m
  6. I've been told that holding an ice cube to a pimple can decrease its size and redness. Also, by putting hydrocortisone cream on the pimple the night before, you apparently gain similar results. Hope this helps!
  7. So yesterday I actually left the house . After hiding in my house for 2 days, I decided that I needed to get out and try to forget about feeling crummy. I decided I was going to try and not think about my acne at all, but I must say that after applying my swimming pool worth of daily make-up to my face yet still seeing the many visible bumps all over my face in the mirror, I just wanted to sink back down to the bathroom floor and cry all over . However, I didn't. I turned the light off, gra
  8. Wooow. Yesterday, I was hit with every side-effect birth control is known to bring. I was yet to experience any the first week, so I thought I just wasn't going to be at all affected. Soo wrong. Yesterday and this morning I have had a horrible headache and nausea that wont go away and my emotions are crazyyy. I cry about EVERYTHING. It's ridiculous. I spent the entire day at home because I felt so crummy. PLUSS my acne just keeps multiplying on my face. I'm still going to keep at it though for
  9. Last night I was supposed to go out with friends, but I stayed home because of my breakout. I hate myself for allowing acne to control my life so much, yet whenever I try to ignore it I am somehow reminded of it and then commence yet another time of mourning. I dont know why we bring ourselves so far down, giving so much weight to acne..but we do. Acceptance by other humans is so desired by us...why..? We must keep trying to either come up with a better answer than I, and I'm sure you, have
  10. So..my original write up for today said that my acne hadnt gotten much worse,,well I spoke too soon. Right after posting it, I took all my make up off from the day and found that I have 6 new cysts on my face, alllll on my cheeks. YIKES! I'm really hoping that this sudden new breakout is due to the fact that the Birth Control is confusing my hormones or something. I had wanted to upload pictures, but I ran out of time. Maybe eventually I will. Prom was AMAZING. Thanks to the glory of 50 po
  11. Still being early in the game, I can't really expect much of a difference. However, I have only one new zit today to add to the collection, which is nice. Usually, I find at least 2 or three a day. My back and shoulders have no new ones today and all I have are a few from a week ago and many scars that have faded quite a bit. My prom is in 2 days so everyone PLEASE cross your fingers for this because I would hate to have to spend my prom stressing over a newly formed bunch of lovers on my back o
  12. Being only the second day taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, I can't really acuratelly determine the outcome of taking it. However, I can say that as of today I have no symptoms. I dont feel depressed, have headaches, crave fatty foods, feel sick or anything..My acne obviously hasnt changed in one day. There aren't really any major new ones,,but considering how many I have starting out..its hard to tell..
  13. Day 1: Yess..I am officially on the pill. I am soo freakin nervous that this isn't going to work, or, dare I say it, make my acne worse. I REALLY am trying to avoid Accutane or any similar solution so I feel like this is my last hope. Starting out, I have acne all surrounding my mouth on my cheeks and chin as well as my forehead and shoulderblades. I know, doesnt that sound delightful? I've had acne since I was 12. And it hasnt been just here and there. I've felt like my entire face and back ha
  14. I've read all of what people have said about taking birth Control pills, have talked to my doctor about it, and have decided to try taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, which is a very mild Birth control pill. I can't start taking them until Sunday, but once I do, ill be keeping track of either their success or failure..Lets pray for success!
  15. Soo..the whole "ignoring my acne" thing worked alright..but I am now considering trying birth control pills to clear up my acne. I have never taken any form of pill for my acne, but Im going to see my doctor tomorrow to get some information about it. I've heard that taken them has a lot of side affects like weight gain. I guess I'll find outtomorrow if its true.