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  1. I got 90% clear on the caveman regimen. Then i started using methylene blue products from mitoblue for anti-aging purposed. I like their skin cream the most. I have since got 100% clear. I love science! [removed]
  2. 99% I just get a couple of blackheads every now and then - like most normal people. They never get inflamed/red.
  3. I take it in the morning. You put a couple of drops in a morning smoothie or in a glass of water. Hey Dandy, I am positive it wasn't something else as this was the only thing I added. I have run across lots of people who have found benefit from Methylene Blue. I wasn't sure about giving it a go but it seemed worth it for the price. Boy, I'm glad i did!
  4. It's been a few years since I've posted on this forum, but I wanted to share my story: I have been dealing with acne for over 10 years. I have taken antibiotics (tetracycline, doxycycline, trimethoprim) and accutane, but each time my acne would return. About a year ago I was made aware of the impact that intestinal dysbiosis can have on acne. I cam to the conclusion that I have had a serious fungal problem for some time. I tried to eliminate this issue with dieting (VEGAN, GAPS, SCD, PALEO
  5. Took accutane for 1 month, it gave me ibs like digestive problems.
  6. Interesting reply, I wish there was some sort of reliable test you could do to say for certain if candida is an issue. Every symtom seems to be possibly related to either candida, insulin resistance or the diet itself. For example, I know my hair thinned out a hell of a lot this past year which could either be because of candida, sucking up all my nutrients, or the anti candida diet, similar to atkins and keto diets that many people have experience hair loss on. This is impossible!
  7. Just another viewpoint, but maybe the fact that you consciously are trying to ignore your acne and preaching about how others should do the same to cure themselves is testimony to the fact that you havent let go at all, but are just treating it in a different way. Sorry if thats a bit deep for some peoples liking lol.
  8. Correct me if im wrong, but I'm fairly sure its the casein and the whey that give people with acne problems seeing as they are insulinogenic(dont have much carbs but still elicit a very large insulin response) and therefore lead to an increase in sebum production.
  9. Hi Brenton, I have also achieved amazing clearing with a candida diet/low gi done for 5 months. However, and i wonder if you can relate to this, the diet made me lose a lot of hair. I assume that it was the low carb element rather than the fact it was high protein diet that shocked my body. Have you experienced this at all. Josh
  10. Tried it last year after oxytetracycline didn't do the job. Took it for 5 months and...it works. No doubt, really helped clear my inflammation. However it is a strong antibiotic and wiped out all my good bacteria while taking it = yeast infections+stomach aches. Also if you are 37, there is no point in an antibiotic, they simply mask the problem and dont get to the root. At least accutane, despite being dangerous could possibly cure you for life.
  11. Right guys so basically i think its time to tell everyone about a great misconception. Many people on this board including me until only months ago believe that candida can cause acne. I am going to keep this simple so here are my justifications for saying that candida does not cause acne. 1. candida diet will keep your insulin levels extremely low and so because large fluctuations in insulin(a master hormone that can control others that lead to acne) aggravate acne your skin will improve. 2. Pe
  12. Right guys i need your opinions! About a year i took antibiotics for about 6 months solid, after which i convinced myself i had a candida problem and have dieted(high protein, high fat,no/low carb) on and off ever since. My hair has been itching and thinning out really bad (itching is a side effect of yeast overgrowth and telogen effluvium brought about by atkins-like diets. I used to have the thickest hair imaginable and could spike it without any styling product. Nowadays it is thin and lifele
  13. thanks a bunch for your help crichel. And airforceone? i was not complaining i was simply asking for information so i could make an informed decision. Also i came off accutane 20 days into the treatment as i stated so obviously i agree i dont need it either...dont comment on these boards if you've got nothing useful to say...*Moderator edit - read the board rules*.
  14. Right guys, Ive got a bit of a dilemma. First off i have persistant mild/moderate acne that really gets me down. I managed to beg my derm into giving me accutane but then 20 days into the treatment thought "what the hell am i doing, risking my health" and got off of it straight away. So now im in the position where i am not using any topical cream, before accutane episode i was using duac(5%bp+2% clinamycin). I used it only at night and i didn't use a moisturiser. I have three questions for you