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  1. Ooops! Haven't written for ages but once you have good skin you forget about all the stress and problems you had before and don't feel the need to blog! I've been on accutane 20mg/day for 9months now but I've only been taking 60-80mg/week for the last 6 weeks ish. I forget to take them sometimes, i've been drinking a bit and i've had a few other issues so decided to wean myself off accutane - my derm agreed it would be fine. I am really pleased with the results - I have been 100% clear for mo
  2. Hey all! Did a quick search but couldn't find much about this so any help would be appreciated. I can't get to my derm for a few weeks as i live in China and my English-speaking derm in in Hong Kong. I've been on low dose accutane for almost 9 months; originally 20mg/day and for the last few months just 60mg/week. I have been clear since month 2/3. However, over the last 6 weeks I have been getting lots of small whiteheads around my mouth, chin and even in the crease of my nose. They are a li
  3. Sorry, I forgot to write for awhile because I don't think about my skin all the time anymore hahaha! It's fab! It's the first 'little friend' time of the month that I have not broken out - unless you can count 2 barely noticable pimples that seriously cleared in a day or less. I went to the derm 2 weeks ago and he was pretty pleased. I have another 2 months of stuff and then we need to decide what to do with my dosage.... I'm tempted to stay on an ultra ultra low dose for awhile as I'm a
  4. I love this stuff! Nothing much else to say hehehe! PS. Actually I also love Vitamin E oil - scars even look much better and I am soooo clear! PPS. I have been on 3 dates recently and didn't feel sel-concious about my skin
  5. Mimi1984

    Almost 11 weeks!

    Just a quick one as it's late but feel like I haven't written for ages.... Downloaded my photo's from holiday and my skin definitely looks better and healthier than it did 3 months ago....not 100% happy but this last week the breakout has calmed down and I've only had two smaller ones on my jawline. I did just have a gross blackhead moment where a big one was just sticking out and I have this wierd black dot near my eye...ewww! Side Effects: Skin healing ability is poop and I do feel lik
  6. Holidays were fab - panda's are sooooo cute! I did a lot of walking, met a lot of people and ate a lot of food Skin though is not so great. Typical! I have been backpacking (kinda) so had limited washing facilities and the place was cold and damp which hasn't helped at all. In the one week I had about 5 new spots which is a lot compared to how it has been for the last 3 weeks or so... They are also healing poorly The other annoying problems are 1) I have a prickly-heat type rash on my n
  7. Yay! I'm not feeling so moody anymore - knew it would go away eventually! Still soooo tired though but it's party my own fault as I can't seem to sleep at a normal time. I get home late from work/gym/Chinese class and need time to chill out and mess around to wind down before sleeping. Skin-wise we are loooking at one big painful problem under my chin, another 2 dying cysts from ages before that won't go fully down (also under my chin) and that is about it! Woop! Oh I forgot the wierd lump o
  8. Mimi1984

    6weeks + a few days

    Woah am I feeling moody! I'm hoping its just because of my hormones and because I'm tired! It's been a week now so I hope it goes away soon... I'm feeling really un-sociable and my self-confidence is rubbish! I need to keep a record of my moods again on here to make sure it's not due to the accutane. Also stocking up on the fruit and veg and the exercise plan is in process.... Breakout is still clearing up - a few of the bigger ones just won't go/heal up - they've all gone crusty and scabbed
  9. I've not posted for over a week I kinda get addicted to posting and looking on here so it's been a bit wierd to have a break from it. I was over in factories further north in China for a bit then my friend has been here since - woop! Back is sorted now - no pains, aches or anything since over 1 week ago I did have my usual monthly lower back ache for a day but that's nothing new. I need to get back on the exercise when my friend leaves ..feeling very unfit and unhealthy now. Skin-w
  10. Ignore what I put about the cysts last time - they are deep and painful now and one is just an itchy lump under the skin which seems as if it will never come out at the moment! I have a total of 3 so far and they're all on my neck/jawline. Rest of my face is looking pretty ok though and my chest looks clearer although some massive blackheads are still surfacing! I wonder what will happen over the next week or two as it will be my hormonal breakout time?! At least I can show the derm it's not
  11. After the panic on Sun and Monday with my back, I am now recovering and not on pain killers today I just feel like an old woman at the moment but reckon i could do a bit of a workout later.... (I'm used to doing a lot of abs stuff though and yoga stretches which i think will be tough...I don't want to damage it!). Having a massage tomorrow as well hehe! I'm already worrying about what will happen when i come off acctuane...I know I shouldn't!! hehe! It seems like quite a lot of people go
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm personally not taking any vitamins at all - I started taking Omega 3/6 fish oil tablets after reading on here that they are good for helping or preventing joint pain whilst on Accutane. I expected some aches and pains (although to be honest not a lot because i'm on a low dose) but on Sunday/Monday it was baaad - I couldn't hardly move and even lying flat and sleeping (I didn't actually sleep) was terrible... I panicked, hence my post Luckily I saw a doc over here a
  13. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone else has had this and what they took/did and how long did it last? I've never had problems with my back before. I'm 26, female and not overweight. I am only on 20mg per day and have been on it for about 24days now with no other major side effects. 2 nights ago I woke up with a sore upper back, the main pain is in the centre but it radiates around the sides. I had earlier carried a lot of stuff home (I'd been shopping for books) and the air con was on as its
  14. Mimi1984


    Today i am experiencing very painful back ache in my upper back - never ever had it before and boy does it hurt. I did carry a lot of heavy bags yesterday and slept with my back facing the cold air con which is never good but I never have any problems at all! Taking a double dose of fish oil and I might do accupuncture tomorrow. What else can i do? Skin is scaly and extremely dry....i've tried 3 different moiturisers which are all good but need applying more than once a day!! Other than that
  15. Mimi1984

    Day 22

    Going to write now as I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning and will probably be super busy for a few days...(meetings and catching up with old colleagues - meetings bad, catch-ups good!!). I'm planning to go to North China next Wed-Fri too .... then my English friend is here the week after - yay! Not much to say: Skin is looking pretty ok - flaking a bit now but not too bad....Nose and forehead is looking much smoother and no new cysts woooop! Cheeks still have blackheads and blocked pores