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  1. hey! I'm using differin too :P I'm on day 50.. I was wondering do you apply it at night and the morning?

    1. hey sorry its been so long.. just started working... 9 hour shifts every single day! but anyway... i'm kindof not happy with my face, i'm at the point where i'm just over it. right now i'm just using differin at night with clenia on spots and purpose cleanser with the doryx antibiotic. not seeing much difference. i do have to say that i'm definately clearer than when i started but i'm just at a steady breakout cycle, i breakout it clears up in time for another breakout. they arent horrible at al
    2. heyyyy you! yes i am liking differin! although my derm has added an antibiotic and an on the spot sulfur cream and i'm still getting breakouts but i'm not at all as bad as when i started! and ahhh yess the elusive moisturizer! well literally everything i have tried broke me out! even the jojoba oil. right now i'm using the clinique dramatically different gel which i

      1. Hey buddy! lol That's awesome Differin's still going good for you! How's the jojoba oil situation going? Are you still hunting for that elusive moisturizer?

        1. my advice to you is to just keep on it! and continue to use a pea sized amount, no more until you are no longer irritated by the differin. it took me about a week for my skin to get used to it and no longer flack and hurt, but my skin is very resiliant and can handle alot that usually other people are sensitive to. as far as the comedones, i do believe that i had a handful of them during the past two months on differin, however i didnt really notice them or pay attention to them, so i can not f
        2. I am at about the two week point on differin! The two breakouts that i have experienced were not normal breakouts for me, there were a bunch of pimples in the same region for a few days then it cleared up. this is not usual for me so i do consider them an initial breakout. however, i do still develop one or two pimples about each day but they go away so fast i dont even notice them anymore, and this is lessening as well! keep positive and let me know if you have any questions! good luck!
        3. Good luck!!!! keep us updated! my only advice is to keep patient but you seem so patient already! i love your attitude! I try to have that attitude during my breakouts as well on differin! i really hope this works for you!
        4. i'm curious as to why you say this? do you have any experiences with these products/procedures to back up this statement. I'm not trying to be rude at all but just saying something doesnt work really isnt much. why are you saying that retinoids do nothing for acne? I am on differin which acts as a retinoid and retinoids help clear acne by speeding up cell turnover rates. because of this rapid exfoliation, this can lead to scars filling in (this personally happened to me) and fading of hyperpigme
        5. I went to my derm today, and he took me off the clindamycin (i thought it was losing its effects anyway) and he started me on doryx as well to help heal the acne I still have. Of course my face looked good today, but he still, like me, thinks I need more to help with the differin. So i'm going to try this for a while. I do still love the differin, i really think its working, but i need help with the acne I do get.
        6. Day 61 Sorry its been a while, I was doing so well with the differin, however I have been experimenting with different moisturizers for my face. Literally every moisturizer I use breaks me out, I develop little white heads during the day. I have tried proactive oil free moisturizer, Olay spf sensitive moisturizer, PCA hydrating spf moisturizer, aveeno ultra calming spf 15 mositurizer, clinique mositure surge, jojoba oil, all of these give me small white heads during the day. Anyway, about 3 or
        7. honeslty, if your face is not too sensitive, it shouldnt be too harsh for your skin. I have a 10% BP cleanser by PCA that is very very gentle and has ingredients like jojoba oil in it. I love it! you can find some BP cleansers in the stores, but just be careful, if you have never used BP before, you might be sensitive to it at first, try it every other day at first. hope this helped!
        8. good i'm so glad i gave you hope!! when i started differin i had little hope becuase of the stories but both me and babyblueeyes have had a great experience so far!!! i will keep you updated!
        9. to be honest after i finished my small IB at about 3-4 weeks, i started using the jojoba oil, basically because i was using no moisturizer and because cream based moisturizers tend to break me out. i really liked the jojoba oil but i did wake up with a few white heads (i dont know if it was because of it or not) and around this time i noticed that my red marks and scars were fading rapidly! personally i think this is because of the differin not the jojoba oil because i rarely use the oil anymore
        10. i'm in pharmacy i'm a second year in college! i just cant wait for the next week to be over so i can go home and relax!!

          1. i dont get much acne now ..... but i have these red marsk all over .... its sucks ...i got exams coming up too ..you in which year ?and studying what?iam in computer science looking for admission in college now