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  1. Reading this forum and other places, there's not really a consensus on whether BP should or shouldn't be applied to a healing 'wound'. I, personally, find it helps with the healing time - and it definitely for me helps with fading the residual red mark, but I think everyone has their own opinion on this matter Whenever I'm unfortunate to have a breakout which has been severe enough to cause any bleeding and ultimately scabbing, I usually apply the BP as normal, then use a very thin layer of Sud
  2. Sorry for my late reply! I had no problem with my prescription, and it was indeed in a new pump form. I've just actually used it for the first time, and the amount dispended per pump - which is the recommended daily dosage - is such an incredible tiny amount that I simply can't imagine how it's going to be effective. Even with a dabbing technique, it barely seem to cover any sort of area beyond that which it is immediately applied to. I used 3 pumps in the end, one for each side of the my face,
  3. Thank you for your reply; In the past I have had no problem getting hold of Epiduo, but I stopped using it about 3 or 4 months ago due to extreme redness, but after reading yours, and other's posts on the subject it is now obvious that I was using way too much. Your 'dabbing' technique clearly seems the way to go. My neck (shaving line) is my only real problem area, so getting a pea sized amount to spread using the manner in which you detailed should be entirely possible with a bit of practise.
  4. Hi, Nicoleblk9, so glad to hear you having good results with Epiduo. I've tried this product in the past, and had similar good results - but I eventually stopped using it because the redness/itchiness became just too much, but after reading this thread, I now suspect that I may have been using too much, too often. So you're saying you use only a pea sized amount for your entire face?. How do you manage to spread that amount of gel so far? As soon as i apply it to my face/neck it become
  5. I had a break out on Sunday night. Now it is early on Wednesday morning and it's still on-going. I have roughly 8 raised large red bumps in a horse shoe shape on the right side of my neck, spreading up onto my jawline, and 6 equally sized ones on the back of my neck and hairline, including two right next to each other which are so close together that I already feel them merging togther into one, huge, red bundle of hate. When my skin is bad, I change completely as a person. I can't help it.
  6. Tea Tree as a toner at 5% diluted with water had a positive effect on my milia, depite never doing anything good for my acne. It turned them pinkish, and slightly scabbish for a day then went away. Careful not to apply too strong or too often though, I made this mistake and spent the best part of the week walking round with what looked like two huge red bruises on my cheek bones.
  7. How did you get prescribed accutane if you "only had a few whiteheads on the tops of your shoulders". Your back, chest and rear of your neck look remarkably similar to how mine looked when I was about 18. I was prescribed a strong course of antibiotics, which, sadly, I forget the name of, and it did the trick. Good luck, man,
  8. I find this product to be really effective - probably the best bp product on the UK market - but the tube is so small, it becomes just incredibly expensive to add this to a daily regime.
  9. This is the only product that works for me. I use a finger length amount of gel twice a day, so a full tube only usually lasts me just over a week - so stock piling as much as i can before it's completely unavailable doesn't seem like a sensible approach, so the search begins for something else. I'm reluctantly going to try Aquagel 4%, and Quinoderm 5%. I will report my findings here.
  10. I've had mild to moderate acne since i was 16. I am now 34. Of those 18 spot-centric years i have been 100% clear only for about 3 months, about 10 years ago when my doctor prescribed me a course of antibiotics. They worked briefly, then stopped, and the acne came back stronger. I'm 'lucky' enough not to suffer from cysts, instead i get large red spots and smaller whiteheads on my chin, both sides of my neck, behind my ears and on the hairline on the back of my neck. I usually get three or fo
  11. Everyone is different - but for me, diet plays absolutely no role whatsoever in my acne. I eat no junk food whatsoever, avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners, went dairy and caffeine free for well over six months - and noticed no change whatsoever. I've actually reached the conclusion that nothing i do will make my acne better or worse. It just stays at a constant level. I could wash my face in nothing but cooking oil for a month, and then wash my face in nothing but Dan's cleanser for a month
  12. I currently have only one(!) active zit. This, for me, is incredible. I usually have a good 6 or 7 on the go at any one time. However, the bad news is: the one active spot i have is the biggest i have ever had on my face. It looks like a crimson death star. So instead of having a load of little spots, i now have one truly epic bastard. I don't know if i should laugh or cry. Perhaps i'll do both. Further proof that my skin is indeed consciously screwing me over for its own amusemen
  13. I've hadn't had a single new spot for over a week - and the existing ones were just about faded into obscurity, "yay!".. right?. Nope. Woke up to discover a new zit just under my mouth that is so ridiculously large that even I, a 16 year veteran of acne, was taken aback by. It looks like someone glued a clown's nose to my chin.
  14. That's my next move if i can get my doc to prescribe it. I've done some research, it seems to be a drug commonly prescribed for children - so i'll take the risks on the side-effects. I'm getting no respite at all at the moment. I'm just tired of it all. Exhausted, infact.
  15. Ridiculously huge zit on my neck has got bigger. It's hotter than hell here right now (very rare for the north of England) so everyone is walking around in shorts and tshirts - whereas i'm walking around with a turtleneck sweater fastened chin-high to hide my spotty shame. Slowly, i'm starting to become numb to all this. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.