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    Eating healthy. I wish I was interested in exercise. :(
  1. If you take zinc make sure to take it with a meal, i find if i skip out on the food i get very sick.
  2. tinker_toi

    Got rid of my cystic acne & redness Works as a WONDERFUL tanning oil Cheap, one jar lasts me around 6 months Gave me a few blackheads on the sides of my face, where i had no previous problems It's kindof a give&take method. I'll continue to use it all over face/body just because it acts as an amazing tanning oil. I baught mine online since there arent any natural food stores in my area. Extra virgin!
  3. Oh nooooo, I went to a party yesterday and ate 2 fudge brownies, a piece of cake and some bread. Broke out BAD today. Like nothing ive seen in a while. D:
  4. Every bit of this reminds me of myself! I've tried to quit picking so many times, but it's not easy. Best of luck 2 you
  5. tinker_toi

    Reduces redness Doesn't dry out skin Works well with combonation skin $19 for a 2oz bar seems pricey Bar lasts 3-4 weeks I've been using Facesurgeon soap for... 8~ days now and I can already see an improvement in my acne. I have dry cheeks/nose and an oily forehead. Every other soap I've used requires a moisturizer afterwards but I find my skin very soft after using this product and a moisturizer isn't needed. The soap was reccomended by the owner of my local health food store. :D
  6. Here are some foods I can eat without ever worrying about breaking out the day after. I'm 16 years old, have tried every product on the market EXCEPT accutane, due to some underlying health problems I was not able to get it. I've had severe acne since I was 13. I've been clear 2 months sticking to this list. Oatmeal- Made with water, mixed with cinnamon, oat bran, & flax meal Apples Celery- FRESH Carrots Broccoli Onions Spinach Quinoa- Not cooked with salt, usually add 1 tsp of butter per
  7. tinker_toi


    Random pictures. Gluten free as of March 6th.