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  1. LEASE READ IT ALL. Like all of you i tried everything vitamins, minerals, low-fat diets, low-carb diets, anti-candida diets, antibiotics, probiotic, antifungal etc etc. But nothing worked. So i tried something else i made a lipid blood test. After my test results came back i noticed that i have an elevated LDL cholesterol ( or bad cholesterol) about 4.5mmol/L and a very low HDL cholesterol (or good cholesterol) about 1 mmol/L. So i made some internet researches and i found this study: http://j
  2. make a blood lipid test and lower your LDL cholesterol and increase your HDL cholesterol and you will get acne free in some days. I used Fenofibrate 300mg/d and colistepol 15g/d and it worked. im 100% clear
  3. hahahaha omg ppl i just want to help you but if u think you are sooo smart then go pop pimples LOL!!! im done with that.
  4. I eat bananas, apples some vegetables and soft drinks with no fat
  5. Pleas believe me i had very bad acne and its gone!! Just stop eating fat eat raw fruits and soft drinks which dont have fat in them. you say no it cant be that fat causes acne but YES it can. It has to do with 1. Fat 2. Insulin 3. High Blood Sugar 4. Candida Albicans These are the factors that cause acne!! When we eat fat it gets digested and it gets in our blood stream but there it reacts with insulin. We know that insulin is a hormone that transports carbohydrates to the cells of the bo
  6. Try Inulin and Oligofructose and u will see wonders Just buy them on online shop i posted a message days ago about Candida albica and acne Same here and my cheek areas are so sensitive...they become red and leave scarring. Try Inulin and Oligofructose and u will see wonders Just buy them on online shop i posted a message days ago about Candida albica and acne
  7. i bought them here: http://www.amazon.de/Spinnrad-Inulin-500g/...9446&sr=8-1 search in amazon. (com or de) for :NowFood's Inulin or Spinnrad Inulin Nowfoods and Spinnrad are 2 companys that sell them Spinnrad products are much cheaper
  8. i bought mine throw Amazon but you find them in many other online shops good luck
  9. The diet isen't the key, it is the Inulin and Oligofructose that make the difference just buy 1 pack of each and drink 60 grams a day from each one and u will see your acne clear in 3-5 days
  10. wtf are u talking about...lol i just want to help others get 100% clear as i did and if you dont like my theory then go pop up pimples or something like that hahaha im done with that
  11. AND the worst thing you can do is treat your acne with Antibiotic....this is like throwing Gasoline to fire
  12. yea the diet helps but if u want a permanent cure then i suggest you eat inulin and oligofructose and maybe take some NOWFOOD Candida Clear pills.
  13. OK read this carefully!!! The only cause of acne in humans is a YEAST INFECTION!!!! YOU get yeast infection ( or candida albica) when: 1. when u drink antibiotics 2. when u have hormone imbalance ( pregnant or puberty) 3. and when u have mercury filling in your teeth WHAT TO DO AGAINST IT? Stop sugar intake all of them STOP all foods that contain carbs and sugars and i mean ALL just eat eggs,meat, and vegetables Then eat: INULIN and OLIGOFRUCTOSE (these are sugars that help to coloniz