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  1. I rolled out of bed 15 min before my class, brushed my teeth, made a protein shake to go, and went to class. WITH NO MAKE-UP ON. That my friends, is why I love accutane. My face is clear. Not one cyst, not even a trace of one, no little bumps, NOTHING. It is amazing. I realllllly wish I would have gotten this drug earlier. I don't have any of those crazy side effects. My lips are dry, but I carry accutane like a stoner carries visine. Inside my nose feels kinda weird, and I might have had one
  2. hey welcome to the org. what part of cali are you from?

  3. Yea def, drink your last margaritas, get a tan, and stock up on aquaphor lip balm. Don't mess up on all the preg/blood test, and I wish someone would have reminded me to fast (aka eat an early dinner and don't drink anything but water) 14 before the blood test. Chemicals peels and microderm made you breakout with cyst? ....how? why? I was thinking about getting a peel when this is all over.
  4. My lips are falling off. ...but I don't have any huge cyst! I felt two coming and put some retin A on it, and it hasn't turned into a nightmare (yet). But yea my lips feel like the first layer of them is gone. I am an aquaphor addict and will have to attend meetings when these 6 months are over. I'm scared for next month when I move up to two pills a day. Hopefully my face doesn't fall off.
  5. I just made an account, and have no idea how to work this thing. question: just started accutane, DOES IT REALLY GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER? over how long should i expect my face to go downhill?
  6. So I'm 21 and still have the same annoying problem. Random cystic acne on just my chin. One of those underground painful shitholes at a time. Everything else on my face is good to go, but then I get a huge painful cyst (it is too fucking big to be classified as a pimple) on my chin. It is 3D and impossible to cover. Stands out like no other. Having these cyst puts me in an awful mood. I don't want to go out and do anything because it's an entire ordeal to attempt to cover it (with my