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  1. Dez*

    Day 95

    Hello there!!!If you click on my name, you should be able to go to my page. Click on my gallery from there. My pics should come up. I'm going to post some more soon! Accutane is a good thing. Please excuse my whining and crying over my nostrils.......It's not sooooooooooooooooooo awful.. It's just very uncomfortable. Let me know if you find my pics!Oh, and I am taking Yaz...
  2. Dez*

    Day 95

    THE INSIDES OF MY NOSTRILS HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! Nothing is helping me!!!!!! I bought this saline gel thing. It doesn't work!!! Can someone......anyone......please help me
  3. Christ!!!!! I woke up twice last night choking and drowning in my own blood!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm being extremely dramatic . I felt the nosebleeds begin, and I was able to get up before I made a mess I've been slacking on swishing Vaseline in my nostrils before bed. I guess I'll have to start again. My face is doing pretty good. I have 2 maybe 3 in the healing process. I just have a lot of hyperpimentation to get rid of. Lips are still really dry. Sometimes I wake up and I have these tiny w
  4. Hi Tam,My Doc seems to think that diet, pms, etc., has nothing to do with our skin and accutane. Accutane is killing all the oil in our face, so sweet potatoes or granola bar, it shouldn't mess with our face. Since I started accutane, I still eat what I want and drink on occassions. My skin seems to be clearing up, (pimplewise), very well. I still have the dark spots though. I'm trying to find a remedy for my knee pain too!
  5. Dez*

    Day 65

    So, I'm going to try and update more frequently.... So, I'm down to 2 monsters on my face. They are side by side. as if their keeping each other company. Jerks. Well, over all, my skin seems to be smoothing out a bit. I feel like my nose is beginning to do that peeling thing again since I've been taking the 40mg twice a day. My lips are still dry. To be expected. And I still haven't had any nosebleeds since week one. I'm starting to have pains in my knees. Not sure if it's the Accutane
  6. My 62nd day. I haven't posted in a while. I'm just so scared to post. everytime I think I'm doing well, I feel another pimple come up. I must admit right now, i only have 4 healing pimples on my face. I haven't had a cyst in forever My skin is smooth, besides those 4 monsters. I still have a lot of scaring from before and after Accutane. I try to cover it the best I can with make up. Lips are still dry. But I always have chapstick on me, so that's cool. I haven't had a nosebleed since my ver
  7. Dez*

    still day 22

    I Know exactly how you feel. Its very uncomfortable. My best friend is a guy too. He's been trying to get me out, but i've been refusing. It doesnt help that he has clear skin and doesn't have a clue what i'm going through. There's nothing really that we can do. Either we go out and let the world stare at us, or we stay inside and hide from the world. I actually decided to stay inside and hide from the world. The left side of my face is like a danger zone. I have two huge things that won't go a
  8. Dez*

    Day 28

    Hey everybody.... I posted some more pics. So, I went to my derm appointment today. He kept me on my 60mg dose. He says that I should start to see some results soon. Since my IB, I haven't had any more huge red cystic monsters till about 2 days ago. It's just one. I blame it on my monthly. My face has healed a bit since the IB, though you can still see where they are trying to go down. Let's see....the dryness is still the same. I'm ultra dry. Cetaphil moisturizer is a God sent. Lips s
  9. Dez*

    Accutane Photo updates

    These are pictures starting at day 13 of my accutane journey.
  10. OMG!! I thought I was the only one!! I wanted to swallow a bottle of salt!!!!!! So, dehydration, huh
  11. Okay, so I posted my awful pictures. Quite embarrasing. So, as of this morning, i give up. I'm cursed with bad skin. I'll keep taking this shitty medicine, and try to update you guys in a month or so. I feel worse after I posted my pics. But no sense in taking them down. At least everyone on here with a zit or two can see what real acne looks like.
  12. Dez*

    Day 21....

    What can I say....... I'm not sure if I'm seeing quite a difference. The 4 uglies that are on the left side of my face just won't go away. One of them seems to be trying to come alive again. Can a cyst come back after healing? Ugh!! So, this is weird. When I touch my nose I feel like i have a million tiny pimples on it. It's not noticable at all, (I don't think it is). Same when I strectch the skin on my chin. Is that weird? Has anyone experienced that? My face is still really itchy...
  13. Dez*

    Day 19......

    Well I have moderate acne. I had my usual every now and again flare up. I almost always have one right before my cycle. But with the accutane, my first flare up came right at the end of week one. It wasn't like the usual. My ususal normally are like 3 regular zits. These were huge painful cysts. It was all over my face I hated it. They were so painful that I couldn't sleep well. They have cleared up a bit. I still have 4 on my left cheek that just won't go away. You can tell that they were cyst
  14. Dez*

    Day 19......

    Thanks FMF!!! Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one I guess we shall see!
  15. Hello everyone......Not too sure about my progress. Sounds funny, but I'm enjoying the right side of my face much better than the left The right side of my face seems to be a bit smoother, the acne is getting so much smaller! Hopefully it'll disappear. I can't say that for the left side. I still have the cysts from the initial breakout. They are huge. about 4 of them. They don't hurt anymore, and they are no longer red. But they are still visable and quite annoying. I'm an african american