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  1. I think protein will help with skin, most people who had success on this site usually mention protein in their diet. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight before I start needling again so that I won't be on a restrictive diet when I start my treatment and will deffo include as much protein as possible
  2. I've been looking in to either restylane booster or juverderm hydrate. My understanding is that it's NOT a filler but provides intense hydration and like you said it plumps the skin. What difference have you noticed with the restylane ? Does it improve the texture? Although I was never on accurate, my skin looks and feels severely dehydrated.
  3. I think tca cross on the pitted area would make a big difference. Your overall skin texture looks really good in the pics so I would avoid using a treatment that touches your good skin if I were you
  4. I have the same issues, I think it's been described as "micro scarring". I have loads of shallow lines and pits as well which gives my skin an orange peel look. I never used accurate but I think retin a was to blame. Prior to retin a, I still had pitted skin, but less pits and the overall texture was a lot better.
  5. That's great! Did you treat them just the once then? I won't be going higher than 50% for the same reason
  6. Cutting out junk food helped me loads but I'm still not oil free
  7. Topical milk of magnesia is not good for your skin at all! Just because it's natural doesn't mean it doesn't cause any harm. Whilst it does work sometimes at temporarily reducing oil, it's not worth the long term implications on your skin. Google the effects if you think it's harmless
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'm a bit apprehensive about using rf or anything that heats up the dermis...but I might test this on my lips
  9. I have the same issue. I've been looking in to Spectra laser, specifically for large pores and oily skin. There is a study that backs up their claims but I can't find many impartial reviews for it. Also, I'm wary of trying lasers in general, even the low risk ones. There is also a treatment with Levulun and blue light therapy that apparently shrinks the pores and reduces oil, it has quite a few positive reviews on this site but it doesn't seem popular in the UK. With regards to scarred
  10. If you Google "vibrance needle shaping", there are a couple clinics in London that offer this treatment. It claims that; "it is a non-surgical method of plumping and lifting the skin. Vibrance can be used to increase the volume of the lips, cheekbones and depressed scars without injecting any type of material or drug and without risks or undesired side effects". It's a new treatment so there aren't too many before after pics in relation to scarring (but there are a few for lips and general
  11. Hi Izzy Have you had any improvement since? Hi Iil90 When Dr Chu performed your treatment, how long did he wait between needling and tca cross?
  12. Has anyone tried dermastamp with Procell Therapy? Its a serum with stem cells taken from young adult bone marrow... I dont understand the science behind it too much! Some Dr's on Realself state to that it is more effective than dermastamp with PRP.
  13. I found your post documenting your treatment, your results look amazing!
  14. How much improvement would you say you got from the lasers?