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  1. im feeling down really down soooo down right now. i used to not worry about my acne becuz i thought my make up covered it very well but i look in the mirror outside and i looked like crap it looked so bad!!! i hate my face!!! i just want it gone. im so depressed.
  2. scarlet94

    it works for about a week other than that nothin its too greasy made my acne worse u have to use alot of pumps of face wash it doesnt get ur face clean it stinks this product is a bunch of crap. it worked for about a week then made my acne alot worse. its terrible!!!
  3. im feeling good!! i mean i have acne and its moderate but noone in my life seems to care about that. they say im pretty anyway which is nice i have some pretty great friends who never make me feel bad about my skin. i will admit sometimes i wake up look in the mirror and break out in tears. but my mom calms me down and reasures me its not that bad. acne isnt forever and though sometimes it really brings me down i try to remeber that pimples do not define who i am. one day i will find someone who
  4. i dont think u can do much for pitted scars. i have them to and ive tried alot of stuff and i cant do it. but makeup does make them less noticable. other people notice them a lot less than u think. maybe over time they will start to fade. hopefully mine will 2.