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  1. LipsLikeMorphine

    - detoxifies -helps with acne -clearer pores -makes you feel better -bad for teeth -tastes nasty to me -bad for my singing voice!! I drank a cup of lemon juice straight, everyday, for about 3 months. It noticably improved my acne. Prior to this, I was on Doryx, but I decided to stop because it was harming my liver. The lemon juice worked not only as good as doryx, but better. But alas, I am a singer, and I noticed I couldn't hit high notes after drinking this s
  2. I have cleared my once moderately severe acne on my face through using benzaclin religiously and developing better dietary habits. However, my chest was/is still breaking out (moderately) so my dermo prescribed me Retin-A about 5 months ago. I wash my chest every night and morning, and at night, I apply my Retin-A just as my dermo said. I have been doing this consistently and as told for 5 months, yet I have seen virtually any improvement. Yes, the first month I had a horrible initial break
    - works as well as clean and clear oil absorbing sheets!! - free - absorbs all the oil on my skin - sounds really, really, weird to other people. I read on Yahoo Answers about using Toilet Seat Covers for oil-absorbing sheets. I thought it was a joke or something, but it really worked!! It's the same exact material they use for those white oil-absorbing sheets made by NYX and some other brand at Ulta. You can order them online in a bulk for a couple dollars or you can j
  3. LipsLikeMorphine

    - no avobenzone - doesn't break me out - non-comedomogenic -waterproof - smells minty - natural-ish -tints your face a little white - wish it had higher spf This is the only I found that works for me!
  4. hope ur doing well..and dont let that pesky acne bother u! keep ur skin clean as possible!! :)

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for the post of your inspiring journey. I used to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to do my makeup and I also used to cry at school. Your post is comforting lol
  6. I see you use Cerave products. Cerave is a time-released moisturizer, and it it made me extremely oily. It also made me breakout in small whiteheads and I heard this happens to a lot of people. Retin-A doesn't make me oily, but it doesn't dry oils either. Really I think cerave is your problem. I use Beauty Without Cruelty Oil-free moisturizer and i put cerave under my eyes. It works well for me.
  7. LipsLikeMorphine

    -I think it improved my acne?? -insurance covered the $ -Gas -Fatigue I surmise that it caused -worsened ADD -frequent peeing at night BLOOD WORK! Before going to the dermo, I would give my acne severity a 8/10 (10 being extremely severe.) I started the pill in April 2009(age 13), it is now (almost) August 2011(age 16). April 2009- October 2009: I took this pill EVERYDAY with the combination of epiduo nightly. Seemed to improve acne sligh
  8. So I used to use Benzaclin on my chest, and I still I'm going to continue using it on my face. But, I went to the dermo today and she said that the Benzaclin works well on my face, but it's not doing anything on my chest. Its not awful acne, just a few papules and some blackheads. So now I'm starting Retin-A on my chest. I am afraid though. I have been told that Retin-A takes a long time to kick-in and that it makes you break-out really bad when you first start it for many weeks. Is this true?
  9. I'm looking for a blush that doesn't have ingredients that make you break out. Know of any?
  10. Orgins Sunshine State is the only sunscreen for me! Its natural, oil-free, and has no avobenzone! Avobenzone can give you horrible breakouts so make sure your spf has none in it.
  11. I know, it's probably one of my favorites by them!