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  1. nothing, just gentle skin cleanser from cetaphil, and my skin isnt really drying at all. I also use moisturizer at night before i go to bed after my shower.
  2. I have a cyst that comes up and hurts for about a week or two, then doesn't hurt and just itches after those 2 weeks, but stays red. Then the redness went away but i felt it underneath the skin. Now its back in the same spot with vengeance, almost twice as large. its been painful for about 4 days, and today it isnt painful anymore but it is just itchy. Is there anything I could do to keep it away for good? Any my second question is, When it doesnt hurt anymore but it itches, what does that mean.
  3. Foolish person!!! Sodium chloride is not even close to being the same thing as sea salt... A salt is a type of chemical compound, and is not the same as sodium chloride... Sea salt is NOT an irritant and not comodogenic... Anyone who reads that post, do realize that sea water DOES help acne go away, and sodium chloride is not SEA WATER.. They call sea water, salt water because the water contains a mixture of salts... If anyone took chemistry here, although there is one type of salt called sodium
  4. im almost on 3 months on accutane but it has only removed small cystic pimples and small acne vulgaris.... Still the mother of all acne, the large cystic pimples show up all the time 5-6 times a day new ones show up... I mean, im getting angry now but if i really think about it, it IS going away... I guess i just never thought to actually trust hte medication
  5. so what im trying to really learn is whether or not my skin breaking out with 5-6 cysts a day on each side of my face is normal in the 2 and a half month period. Anyone else have any input?
  6. Amen brother, Amen He speaks the truth, while other people have the ability to be an asshole without acne, we have the ability to have best of both worlds... I used to be a save the earth, help everyone, and make everyone feel good type of person. Now im a realist, agnostic and hate the world and MOST people in it, except for acne sufferers We have no life, and others are just to blind to realize this... its really kind of sad what kind of people we turn into
  7. the last time i went out with my friends was probably 2-3 months ago.... my acne has become extremely severe now, in fact so severe that waking up in the morning even feels like im recovering from surgery without a pain reliever
  8. Even though i am male, my acne looks alot like yours except my cysts are usually larger and i usually have more of them... God the feeling of waking up in the morning only to work on a routine that just becomes hopeless after a while... Accutane DOESN'T cause depression no matter what anyone says. The initial depression is caused by the first two months of the program, the acne just becomes much much worse and then it magically disappears(in my case im almost to my 3rd month and my face just kee
  9. my acne is almost exactly like yours, multiple nodules all the time but the only diffferences is my scarring hasnt become very severe yet... Honestly i hope you the best of luck with your acne... Go on accutane
  10. ok i am unfortunately having real problems, while on accutane now i am breaking out with 4-5 cyts a day.... It is almost halfway through my second month. My skin overall is looking good but i still keep breaking out with both cysts and major inflamed whiteheads... I dont know what i am doing wrong
  11. cysts= most of my jawline, covered in all cysts. Ive avoided getting scars though because i refuse to pick, or squeeze them
  12. I am on accutane 80 mg (40 twice a day) all of my severe cysts are becoming dry with very little pus coming out, but still whiteheads are popping up after the cysts dissapear. The whiteheads come back inflamed and with very little or no pus. They have a very distinctive white head. They just keep peeling off like a scab and then forming again. Any tips (about 6-7 cysts on my right and left side of my face- they come up to the surface as a whitehead and then scab and reform). god cysts suck espe
  13. GOOD LUCK throught he rest of your course, acne effects the best of us. Or at least makes us better people. One day youll look back and realize you're a better person because of it
  14. your acne is very mild for putting you on accutane... my dermatologist wouldnt even budge when i went on \duac then differin. After doxycycline and minocycline he started to allow me to talk about it and im finally enjoying the process. WOO HOO