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  1. My skin is pretty sensitive, but if I keep it clean, normally I don't get *too* many breakouts. I've noticed a trend though. I get most acne on the sides of my face (both of them) which makes sense because those are the sides I sleep on. I have washed my pillowcase but pimples still appear. I'm almost certain the pillow must be the problem... Is there anything I can do besides continually washing my pillowcase? I also wash my skin before I go to bed. I just wish there were a protecti
  2. Just wanted to say I love this post!!! Great ideas. I feel like this could work with any insecurity. The letter to yourself was beautiful.
  3. I'd just like to say that I've been in college for about a week. I haven't worn foundation at all, and I feel great. This is the literally the first time in my life I've gone without makeup. I still break out, but I'm able to do things without thinking about my make up. I can show my face without being so self conscious. I basically started a new life... Thanks everyone Also, college helps you not pick at your face. You're way too busy, and things just heal naturally!
  4. Oh man I felt the same way on my last day of work I hope we both survive..
  5. Yeah I mean, that's what I've been doing this summer. When I went swimming in July, I hardly had any acne, but now it's back again because I started working after vacation, thus wearing foundation again and starting the cycle. For a week and a half, I've been off of work to prepare for college so I've worn less makeup. I'm getting there, but I just wish I had a couple more weeks.
  6. Okay. So, I have had bad acne from when I was 13 to now when I'm 18. I thought to myself (like probably many during the summer), that I will get rid of my acne before college. See, I have/had a problem with wearing makeup CONSTANTLY and mean ALL. THE. TIME. I wore it around my parents, my friends, and even battled not allowing anyone to see my face without it during a 2 week trip abroad my senior year. It was stressful, but I managed to have fun despite these insecurities. However, I've
  7. The friends I used to have that needed to make comments about other peoples' imperfections obviously have serious insecurities about themselves that they felt would be lifted by making fun of someone else. When you're feeling down about yourself, making someone else feel worse is always a quick remedy to these kinds of people... it takes the attention off of your flaws. I would never point out someone's acne, because I can completely relate to anyone with acne. I understand how horrible pointing
  8. I have been trying to clear up my acne for years. I always wear foundation and concealer, but I have a trip to the water park with some people in a couple of days.... I don't have any horribly active pimples, but I do have redness and healing pimples pretty much everywhere. If I wasn't so used to wearing foundation everyday of my life, this wouldn't be a big deal. But since I literally haven't gone in public without makeup in years, I don't know what to do. I don't want to wear a whole f
  9. D: I understand. I wear makeup, and although my acne isn't as bad as it could be, I'm always scared that without my makeup I will be treated differently/stared at. I work at a fast food place, and there's a lot of people who order that are teens/adults that have acne. I always try to make a point to look in their eyes. I hate when you're talking to someone, and you can see their eyes shifting all over your face. Sometimes, though, the customer doesn't make eye contact with me because the
  10. i hate it when i come out of the shower, because my face looks like a mess. THEN i start to pick at it!! if i just waited a while, it would look normal again, or back to it's usual acne self, and it would heal a lot quicker. picking after showers is what causes a lot of my break outs