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  1. when i stretch the the skin under my lower lip lots of tiny bumps are visable, is theis normal? you cant squeeze anything out of them however now and again i will get an inflamed one or a spot at least they tend to stay under the skin and not come to head. also below this i can see tiny white dots which appear to be clogged pores as if i squeeze them a white worm of gunk comes out (this also happens on my nose and chin) is this normal? if they get inflamed they are often around a hair (i am a ma
  2. i have had severe cystic acne for 3 years. retin a helped for a year but then i started getting cysts again but now around mouth area (they were previously cheeks, jaw) since then i have been on bp for 2 years. it worked at 2.5 for a year, then stopped so i switched to 5% for a year but again i am getting the cysts again ( i always had cysts pop up now and again but the quantity increased) i had success changing my moisturizer to garnier pure a for a while, but not to long. all this got me t