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  1. Drink it up. Regardless of it's benefits on the skin I find it to be very tasty. If you have some pure honey you could heat up some water add in a teaspoon of that and let it cool then add it into a large cup of lemon water.
  2. The trick is to eat foods rich in zinc! Eating the foods that are rich in zinc helps you better absorb the nutrient. Not only that but it's TASTIER. And you can mix it with other foods high in MORE beneficial nutrients and vitamins. Here goes a little list of foods with zinc: Oysters Pine Nuts Wheat Bran Pecans Cashews Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Honestly what I would do is start eating a high quality wheat bran cereal with almond milk in the morning. And roasting pumpkin seeds yourself with some ex
  3. This connection is absurd. Video games are entertainment but they are not inferior to any other form of entertainment. If you enjoy video games then play them and enjoy them and love them. Your enjoyment means more than acne anyway. The lifestyles however of someone who plays a lot of video games could effect acne. Diet and exercise is crucial to overall well-being. It doesn't hurt to live healthy. And this is coming from someone whose life is 70% made up of experiencing other people's creativ
  4. Just keep adding healthy food items to your diet. Keep a log and categorize it. Change it up. Learn new recipes and incorporate the healthy foods you add in that log. A particular food that makes my skin heal quick and look less flaky and dried out is apples. I usually drink a bottle of Nantucket Nectars Pressed Apple Juice once a week and try and eat as many apples (mcintosh and red delicious) during the week as I possibly can.
  5. My cardio regimen has most definitely cured me of red, oily skin. I wouldn't go as far to say it cured me of my pimples, zits, etc but it has definitely aided in keeping my blood circulation up to par and helped (along with supplements and aloe vera juice) clean my liver and just detoxify my body overall. When you have less fat and your muscles work just to burn off food you consume on a day to day basis for energy the rest of your organs have all the time the need to support the rest of your bo
  6. No one should ever doubt the power of aloe vera. I drink the juice straight. I fillet the plant and blend the gel into a semi-viscous liquid. I add drops of lemon juice as it blends. Store it in the fridge and drink it every day either in the morning or night. When I don't have time to fillet the plants and prepare my own concoction I buy store bought aloe vera juice and works just as well.
  7. I've never used it as topically. My fear would be the strong acidic effect it would have even with water. Every once in a while under zero routine I'll take a shot worth of ACV and drink a little bit of water as a chaser. I normally do this on an empty stomach about an hour before I'm going to eat. I plan on trying a green tea + AVC mixture too. I'm going to buy natural honey soon to sweeten it and see if I can't make a great tasting acne drink.
  8. I don't know much about coconut oil but I've been drinking coconut water for a while now. It's a great energy booster and has helped with the dryness of my face too.
  9. I just consumed a 32 oz bottle of this smoothie that contains every vitamin known to man and a whopping 500% of Biotin (4 servings of 120%).
  10. Neutrogena makes great products. I use the acne prone facial cleanser bar. It is the only cleanser I've ever used that made my face feel clean for longer then 30 minutes and is specifically designed to not leave residue for optimal use of acne medication (BP 2.5%). Glad to hear it's working for you.
  11. I'll try a full application tonight... My nose is my fearful spot. Always worrying about the nose...
  12. That's where my problem lies. My skin is sensitive and I'm afraid moisturizing will just create excess oil on my skin. I use it every once in a while, Dan's moisturizer. But I'm still fearful of any bad effects from it. It could be because the soap I'm using combined with the BP has done a near perfect job eliminating pre-existing pimples. You know what I mean?
  13. Years with acne: 5 Time on Dan's regimen: 9 months So far so good. Yet I still suffer from occasional big red bumps and in general bad skin. Morning: Fish Oil 1200 mgGreen Tea Extract 315 mgZinc 50 mgNeutrogena Acne Prone Facial BarDan's BP 2.5%Night: Fish Oil 1200 mgNeutrogena Acne Prone Facial BarDan's BP 2.5%____________________________ I average 3 cups of naturally decaffeinated green tea a day. I also average about 80 oz of water a day.