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  1. Yeah, just like surgeons. Why pay them to remove a bullet from your body, or even transplant a heart? It might be just me because I have decent health insurance, but a $15 Co-pay to see my derm. has done a lot more than the $100+ i have spent on commercial over-the-counter products. Acne isn't a one size-fits-all, some over-the-counter products work for some people, some people need prescription medications to treat their acne, and some people just are born with great skin. I'm sure you, as well
  2. It's really just finding the right product that works for you. If you're not seeing results within the recommended time period, go to you derm. and ask if it would be best to try a new product. In my personal experience, I would say yes. I saw great results within 4 weeks on Tazorac, although I had to use Micro-A before my derm. prescribed it.
  3. I've been using my prescribed retinoid for almost two years now, and it has cleared my PIH scarring (which heals over time aswell). I honestly have no experience with pit scarring, and I feel the best thing for you would be to contact your derm. and say you just want to talk to them about the prescription that they gave you. You're their patient and I'm sure they'd rather you come in and ask your questions then have you loose sleep over it.
  4. You won't be able to stand it overnight, it burns like crazy. I tried it for a few weeks, just bringing freshly squeezed lemon juice into the shower and applying it there for a few minutes.
  5. I think I once used that product, if it comes in a purple pump then it's probably the same one. It didn't really work for me, but Retinoids will help with your scarring. Just stick with it.
  6. I shave by feel, it takes some getting used to ha. Thanks for the feedback
  7. Yeah, you have a lot better chance. I had probably worse acne than you, and mine cleared up greatly with one of the products that they put me on. I went in my first time and was put on a prescription BP, it didn't really help all that much. After a few months they put me on Tazorac which really helped a lot. I've been using it 2+ years (i eventually stopped the BP myself) and it has worked wonders. Don't be embarrassed about your skin, they're there to help. Be as informative and helpful to you
  8. In my Sophomore year of High School i started to break out with these huge nasty pimples that would swell and swell and swell... I just poked and popped them all day long, and I started to scar from it. It would depress me so much, that I eventually stopped looking into the mirror. I had (and obviously still have) incredibly bad vision, and I only wore my glasses during class at this point in my life... I eventually found a product (tazorac) that worked for me, and it really cleared my skin. Alt
  9. I used to have extremely bad acne, just really inflamed and all over my face. That was 2 years ago, and now my scars are gone and i really don't break out anymore. I've had great success with Tazorac, it has worked wonders. I've pretty much stuck the same regimen for two years,, and now I'm looking to tweak it a little. I'm looking for an astringent. I've tried them before, but they really just seemed to dry out my skin and cause my already naturally oily skin to produce more oil... Any adivce o
  10. Moisturizer won't make you break out, just apply it in a very small amount. Most people have oily parts and dry parts of their skin. It seems like you're going crazy with the cleansers, which is bad. You don't want to over dry your skin because that will just cause more irritation and probably more pimples. Just relax, and look into finding a dermatologist. I used to pop pimples and pick at them, and i had PIH scarring for years, it's not worth it, even if they eventually do go away.
  11. I started with .05% for a while, thats the strength of the free samples. I really didn't have any burning or irritation like you describe, but then again you went straight to the .1%. I would suggest backing off on the amount you're using, and maybe how often? Don't give up though, this product has changed my life. I used to have the nastiest acne, now I just get pimples and they become very small over a day or two.
  12. DO NOT POP PIMPLES! You'll be left with scars even after your acne is gone. I'm proof. Now my scars have mostly gone away and they will eventually, but some won't. I've never been put onto an antibiotic for it, but I've had really bad acne. It sucks, but don't let it get you down. I was insecure for years about my acne and i missed out on a lot because of it.. But here's one thing that really changed my life completely and how i saw acne. Acne doesn't describe who you are, unless you let it. One
  13. I've tried the Vitamin E-Oil. It actually seemed to clog my pores, but I'm going to try it again. I'm also on Tazorac, just made a topic about what it did for me and I've been using Jergen's ultra healing moisturizer. I didn't really research it or anything, i just went to the store and bought something cheap. But its really great. It doesn't clog pores and its not greasy or anything. I use it after taking a shower and before i got to bed. I'm on the .1% tazorac cream, but the .05% seems to be
  14. Even though some of the products I'm going to list that I've used did not clear me up 100% or did barely anything, please read what I have to say instead of just looking for the "miracle" topical. I hope this will help and educate you about some common prescribed drugs. ---------------------------------------- So I first started developing acne when I was in the sixth grade and it was pretty full blown sense the seventh. My brother had bad acne then too so it seems genetic. I used pretty common
  15. I remember trying that, well actually i was at a hotel and i was in the shower for around thirty minutes and i didn't turn the fan on..and the next morning one of my cysts had come to head.. I guess that this kind had the same effect as a warm towel, I'll try it. Thanks.
  16. I honestly have never had this happen to me, but just apply antibiotics would be my best guess. If it doesn't go away then you could see your derm. There no harm in that. Hope it goes away, but its not the end of the world if it doesn't.
  17. Well basically. Over the past 2-3 months Ive had the two most annoying cysts on my cheeks. At least I believe they're cysts. They won't come to head most of the time..except sometimes with white stuff. Ive read most posts about them..and Ive tried icing them down (which did work, made them smaller and less red) and I applied antibiotic cream and a band aid for about thee nights. I'll probably go back to that because I didn't try it for too long. I stopped because there wasn't an opening in my c