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  1. Anyone ever used Mary Kay? My aunt talked my mom into selling it, and my mom wants ME to be the one that actually sells it, but I don't know anything about it and I'm gonna try some of the products, but I'd like anyones personal experience with it.
  2. I've been using Yaz for a while now...almost a year I believe...and its REALLY improved my skin, for a while I wasn't breaking out at all, I'm starting to now but I have a lot of stress in my life currently. I've had no problems with Yaz. I did have a problem when the pharmacy switched me to a generic version of it, I started breaking out like I did when I took the generic of Ortho-Tri Cyclen, which was horrible. So I went back to my doctor and had them check the little box saying no generics.
  3. I took Tri-Sprintec for like 6 months...and all it did was make my acne worse and worse. It NEVER got better...my acne wasn't that bad when I went on the pill...I wouldn't suggest it.
  4. I started using Almay products around the same time i stopped breaking out. I do get pimples still just not as bad or as often as I did before. I don't like their smart shade brand because it looks orangy (im pale with blonde hair and i've had a natural looking red before too) so I wouldn't suggest it. Almay doesn't really cover all that well, but for me no brand really has unless it goes on heavy and usually will make me break out.
  5. aspirin i believe is the same as ibuprofen....and the 99cent store carries a brand uncoated so if you just add a little water or something you can soften it and make it into a paste or cream depending on what you mix it with....i used it before on really sore pimples, i'm mostly clear now and i don't really get the painful ones anymore but it really helped when i did get them.
  6. I don't think I broke out when I used vitamin E on my face....but it didn't really help anything heal either...still have redmarks, and at the time pimples didn't seem to heal any faster...
  7. I was worried when I got bangs that it would make my forehead break out and it actually didn't (luckily!) it depends on the person, but if your hair isn't oily and is kept clean and you make sure to wash your forehead at night you might be ok
  8. heres the after pictures...my hair actually doesn't look THAT orange in person I have bad lighting in my room =/ I only left it on my hair for 3 hours....next time I'm gonna go for 5/6 hours so my hair will hopefully even out a little because the parts of my hair that were white are lighter than the top its a little noticeable. Best thing though....even after blow-drying & straightening (which I couldn't do anymore because if I did my hair would feel like straw) my hair is SUPER SOFT and j
  9. Here's the before picture with my blonde/dirty blonde/light brown hair....I've had the stuff in my hair for about an hour and a half....I can already see the redish on the roots so another several hours and I'll have the after photo although henna changes shades for the first few days (or so I heard) 1.bmp 1.bmp
  10. Thanks! i figured they werent that good since i never hear anything about them. Also, are you taking yaz for acne? if so hows it working for you? ive used it for about four months and its working like a miracle. I did start taking it for acne now its because of all the other amazing benefits it has haha. Its actually working out great! I've been on it for about 7 months or maybe a little longer..and I'm clear now...I do break-out every now and then (like one or two pimples) but its much
  11. I know Spiro can help with it but I don't have insurance and spiro is a little too expensive for me. So are there any vitamins that help stop hirsutism?
  12. I've used products by PF that made me break out, and some that didn't. I really don't think its all that great though. For less you can buy Almay.
  13. So I got the Henna powder today and I just finished mixing it (with black coffee, a little bit of lime & lemon, paprika, cinnamon, and hot water) I read that it should sit for a little while before putting it into your hair that way it can start to release the dye or something so I'm using this time to do a strand test (cut a small piece off of my hair) to make sure that it really is pure henna and doesn't burn off my dyed hair lol. So far the strand seems fine I wonder if it's changed color
  14. um ok, but still would it hurt so much if i only bleach few strands, also without touching roots and skin area? :/ aand are those raw colors kind of like dye shampoos or something, only for 1 time before washing? :/ my hair color is brown, kinda dark, so i think i should bleach first :/ well idk, maybe i should just bleach and use some reg green dye? (if im not touching skin and roots while dying that is) They Raw color should last about 28 washes I believe...so if you don't wash your hai
  15. Don't feel bad.....its okay to change the medicine if its not working for you or its making you sick...there are soo many different ones and everyone is different so the only way you'll find the one thats right for you is by trying them. Your doctor shouldn't mind.