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  1. RcknDisturbed1

    Lauren's acne adventure

    This is what the progression of my acne has been thus far...
  2. I'm almost positive this is the right shade for me... I use Covergirl whipped foundation- 410. I've used Revlon powders and Olay liquids too. There was some Neutrogena "clear skin" liquid that was supposed to prevent breakouts but Im 100% positive it made my acne triple in severity. I've also tried this bare essential powder but that stuff stayed on for like an hour. I, again, exfoliated and moisturized my face before I put on the makeup.. I tried a little jojoaba oil on my face this time. I us
  3. So I'm not sure what Im doing wrong. I never really use foundation very much because I always get one (or all) of three problems... Girls, see if you can help me out? Here goes: 1. I get that "caked on" look no matter how much I put on, even if its just a dab. Doesn't look natural at all. Doesnt matter if I do powder, liquid, whipped.. whatever. Still get the same thing. I've tried using a couple different things to apply the makeup and still got the same result. 2. My face, given no history o
  4. Trust me, women with acne have the same problem. Ive dated two different guys while I've had the majority of my acne problems, and both of them didnt seem to mind. They both said that they were supportive of me doing the accutane thing if it made me feel better about it, though. As a bit of a tomboy I really dont wear makeup other than eye makeup, either. lol. Now that Im single again and off accutane its def a lot easier to talk to guys without completely wondering how bad my acne was looking a
  5. I honestly didn't have ANY of the typical dryness on my face. It all went to my hands. I had horrible back pain (and I walk constantly and repetitively at my lifeguarding job- which didnt help) and some headaches (but those are normal for me). I also had a lot of hair thinning too =/ I had a couple nosebleeds in the beginning but they went away after the first two months. All in all.. it could have been worse. It was pretty damn bad most of the time, im not gonna lie. I guess Im just tough and
  6. Already did! =) http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;album=10664 May not be approved yet but i put some up yesterday
  7. DONE WITH ACCUTANE!! =) Took my last dose this morning. Ha! Still not too happy with my results, but IM DONE! haha. Jeeez. SOOOO, just for fun, here are the numbers!! 7 months of accutane: 420 pills 22,800 milligrams 7 blood draws 200 Omega-3 Fish oil pills 2 pregnancy tests 9 Dr apts 6 different topicals for various reasons Approx $990 overall
  8. Derm finallllly says we're stopping the accutane. 7 months is long enough. Not really having a lot of breakouts but Im not seeing any improvement in my skin texture. He gave me some topical called Tazorac. He said it does the same thing as accutane but in a topical form...? We shall wait and see! Two more weeks left of 'tane!!!
  9. Glad I'm not the only one who does this. Thanks for your input, guys =)
  10. Haha why thank you =) Im kinda leery about chemical peels and laser treatments. Those arent covered by insurance are they? Have you done any of those?
  11. Okay... I'm still paranoid about the scars. Up close you can definitely there is some scarring going on in my cheekbones. I just want them to all go away!
  12. Well, I bought some JoJoba oil to use on my face. I think I have scars now, honestly. My face seems pretty clear from a distance but it's very obvious to myself in the mirror that my skin is still really uneven. A guy i know at work (he had massive acne issues too up until a month or so-antibiotics and topicals worked for him like a charm) came up to me and told me that the accutane just "kicked into high gear" and that my face looked great. I honestly think he was just being nice cuz I was havi
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1284718506/gallery_124304_10664_1458894.jpg Here's a better picture. Come on guys, I really want your opinions
  14. Nope. My derm has given me three different prescriptions and nothing has helped. I've put Vaseline on them at night with gloves and gotten an extras trength over-the-counter moisturizer that seemed to work for a week or so but not so much after that.
  15. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1285485142/gallery_124304_10664_2026209.jpg Here's a picture of my hands, for all of you that think I'm just being a wuss =/