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  1. Post-Accutane: I am officially finished accutane! Woopwwoop! I took the last pill last week on the 16th and now I am done! My skin is pretty clear. The chapped lips has subsided a little. Still getting dry spots but thats okay. Feel better overall. Getting a couple zits! The zits I am slightly concerned with, but its my T.O.M. anyways so that usually happens. I won't really know until next week! But I did discover that I need to start washing my face day and night. I didn't when I was on
  2. Week 18: Hello week 18! I have 4 days left until I am finito of the Accutane! I just want to summarize my pros/cons. Would I take this medication again? Maybe. My mild/moderate acne was more than anything annoying. I was just SO sick of having pimples! 10 years of a specific problem can drive someone insane. So I am HAPPY to report that I don't even wear conceler anymore (maybe a water based one just over my dark circles (non-acne related)) but my face is clear.. As for my body acne.. it is n
  3. I missed my last period and I am just finished a 18 week cycle right now.
  4. Week 16: Well, I know I haven't written lately and I apologize.. I have been in my own little world. Things are going well.. my dry skin is going, the circulation is ending and I have 2 weeks left. Woop!!!! I am very excited to stop taking accutane, mostly because I can then donate blood again. The only thing that really bothers me now is that as summer approaches and I get a little bit darker, I have lighter blotches all over my arms. I don't know if it will always be like this, but it's not
  5. Week 12 Well here I am at week 12, first day of package number 4. My doctor gave me 6 weeks this time so we will see how that pans out. But I have terrific news! My skin is like CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR! Woot woot! All that remains is the scars and the leftovers of the newer ones. Now I am definitly going to thank Accutane for the clear up but I am also going to thank Northern Saskatchewen.. Lol the least polluted area of Canada. I was there for 5 days, so my skin definitly got a head start! And then I
  6. Holy hell its like you read my mind! I have been wondering this too because I am still breaking out just like I would have before. I am on 40mg, but I weigh less then 120 lb. And I am almost 10 weeks done. My doctor just gave me enough to last me until July 15 too :( I really wanted to be done July 1. Anyways, I know how you feel and I am going through the exact same thing, so maybe it is normal. Korri
  7. Hey! sounds like your doing pretty good.. hows the last week been? You are probably going through oil and adjustments.. but don't worry, that will be over and it will be like it never existed. Good luck and keep in touch Korri
  8. thanks time_traveler.. everything is going well.. I have my check-up appointment tomorrow with my dr. and i think I am going to ask about maybe going from 40mg to 60mg or something like that.. I feel like the Accutane isn't doing it's job anymore, and I only have like 6 weeks left. My acne on my back in still the same as it was before I started.. well its less severe for sure but it is still bad, and its creeping up higher so you can see it in most shirts now i guess i will have to wait to see
  9. that sounds horrifying.. but i did a good number on that thing the first 10 times! like i was pretty sure i got everything out
  10. Okay, so permanent might be a little far fetched, but honestly... I have this one blackhead that is right above the curve on my upper lip and I have done everything to get rid of this thing! I have popped it like 10 times, cleaned it well for 2 weeks straight, ignored it, agrivated it, i dont know what it is, why it keeps coming back, and how to get rid of it!? Any advice! Argh! Korri
  11. Aw I know the frustration.. I remember going to the clinic because I had a flu or something and the doctor first asked me if I was pregnant (because I was heavier then) and I was not pregnant, and he made me do a pregnancy test. Ya know, just incase I was 5 months pregnant and not sure, because that's very possible . He then proceeded to recommend birth control to me to "even out my skin" I was like, ya okay, thanks buddy, pretty sure you should just write me a sick note so I can go home and
  12. Well, thanks acnevsme.. i guess its just a personal decision.. i have problems with my back more then i do with my face. But thanks for telling me I am pretty! I will take that as a compliment Korri YOUR FUCKING PRETTY AS SHIT WHY ARE YOU GOING ON ACCUTANE YOUR SKIN LOOKS FINE
  13. thanks jimmyjammy that was very sweet , me and the scaremonger had it out and now were good haha well i guess i better sum up the last week! week 9: just starting my third billion-fold package.. man i hate that packaging.. with a little reminder to not get pregnant.. like i could forget to not get pregnant! pretty sure avoiding pregnancy has been a goal of mine for quite some time anyways, i feel good. the dry skin lasted a couple days, but i am getting really used to the bumps on the back o
  14. hey there... so ive been reading your blog and i was just wondering.. i too live in canada and have mild but persistant acne... was it difficult for you to get your derm to write you a prescription for accutane? thanks in advance.

    1. week 8: well my skin was feeling good and back to normal but then one day it just got really hot and red and the next day i was back to dry skin. so i decided to try out this cream my derm gave me, dermabase with some sort of acid content. im not sure exactly but its already helped in the last couple days. i just hope it doesnt spread to my arms and stuff like it did before! and my breakouts are back to normal. so to me, it feels like i am going to go right back into a dry skin period. i just ho