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  1. Hi , well you shouldn't blame it all on your parents. My mother , father , brother , my grandfathers and grandmothers never had skin disorders , but i used to think that it was because of genetics the parents gave me , turned out it's a hormonal imballance , wich is treatable , but i don't have the balls go to and test my hormones and treat it. I know how you feel because i have it too. That's all i can say... we all here suffer. I wanted to say that it is abit silly to cancel your marriage be
  2. Hey , i saw the pics , even though i'm a guy and maybe don't understand it in girls that well , i should say my red marks are more red and pronounced. I know you are a girl and feel worse about it maybe but i honestly say it's not that bad , mine's worse even in that lighting.
  3. Thank you... i really was not in the mood to talk , because i myself am a positive person and allways try to look at life from a good angle. But when i see all these bad sides i just can't help it. My mother actualy took me to a derm. but as i and she understood , it's all about the money for him. He knew perfectly well what was wrong with me but kept sucking my money. The problem that i have is what most people suffering with acne experience too , is hormonal imballance... i don't have the mon
  4. When you never had a girlfriend because of this and suddenly , your young collage teacher fells for you and you just miss it on porpouse knowing what a piece of shit you are.
  5. Today i have totally gone nuts when i saw another horrible breakout in the mirror (wich i look at not more once a month). When i saw all the left scars and all that sh_t that started appearing , i just couldn't help it and gone mad... i broke every single icon crap , you know where god and so on are painted and its holy and crap. I used to believe in god , i am a bad person rarely but there are alot more bad persons out there that live out an awesome life. I have a face like crap , i don't wat